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Review of Agricultural Research, Nepal

Itad was commissioned by DFID to undertake a review of agricultural research in Nepal


The Review was performed in the context of the Agricultural Perspective Plan (APP),10th Development Plan (PRSP) and the recent National Agricultural Policy. The Inception Report for this study set out one general and eight issue-specific questions to address responsiveness and impact in terms of the Research Uptake Pathway model. These were all addressed with specific conclusions leading to recommendations concerning pro-poor approaches, commercialisation and institutional development.

The review was performed with three specific parts; quantification of the impact of agricultural research on rural livelihoods, since 1990 (past); validation of NARCs current strategic plan and approach to change management (present); and institutional and management analysis of national agricultural research and identification of broad priority areas on which future research activities and MoAC should focus (future) in line with the general policies and strategies and addressing the poverty reduction objectives, in particular, outlined for the agricultural sector in the above-mentioned policy framework.

Image © Helping rural women farmers in Nepal’s Terai. Photo Credit: DFID (shared under CC BY 2.0 license)