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Natural Resources Systems Programme Communications Strategy Synthesis, DFID

Itad were contracted by DFID to conduct a communications strategy synthesis from 19 projects


Itad were contracted by DFID to conduct semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions with Programme Leaders, Project Leaders, Collaborators and project beneficiaries from 19 projects (9 in Uganda, 6 in Bangladesh & 4 in the Caribbean) to build a communications strategy synthesis.

The purpose of the project was to enable DFID to institutionalise and manage communication for uptake promotion as an integrated component of its Renewable Natural Resource (RNR) Research programmes. Over the last decade there has been considerable concern about the impact of RNR Research and its role in wider development goals. In response to these concerns Natural Resources Systems Programme (NRSP), and other DFID RNRR Programmes, have developed active and diverse approaches to communication for uptake and promotion of research products.