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Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) – Accountable, Responsive and Capable Government Pillar

Although Nigeria has made progress with socio-economic development in recent years, about 90 million people - roughly half Nigeria's population – are estimated to live in extreme poverty. The country faces serious developmental challenges, including the need to further strengthen public institutions, address core governance issues and improve its public financial management systems.


The Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) is a five-year DFID-funded governance programme to support Nigerian state and federal governments improve the delivery of public goods and services in a way that contributes to inclusive growth and poverty reduction. PERL consists of three pillars; the Accountable, Responsive and Capable Government Pillar (ARC), the Engaged Citizens Pillar (ECP), and the Learning, Evidencing and Advocacy Partnership (LEAP).  

ARC works directly with Nigerian governments to develop more systematic, transparent, responsive and accountable core governance processes. It assists governments in working with citizens to identify and address governance blockages to effective delivery of services.  

Our role

Itad is a member of the consortium implementing ARC. Our main focus is helping ensure the programme has the systems and processes needed to monitor performance, generate evidence, and to learn and adapt. We have achieved this through deploying a programme M&E management information system; embedding outcome harvesting, governance assessments and the use of case studies; and facilitating learning and reflection sessions among delivery teams. 

ARC works in close partnership with the other two pillars; in particular Engaged Citizens – of which Itad is also a member of the consortium implementing the programme. 


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Image © Abavo Market (Delta State,Nigeria). Photo Credit: Robert (CC BY 2.0)

Team members
Chris Perry Abdulkareem Lawal