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Providing MEL support to the UK government’s Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development Programme

Itad is the monitoring, evaluation and learning partner to The Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development Programme (K4D), supporting the use of learning and evidence to improve the impact of UK development policy and programmes.


The challenge

More than ever, the development sector depends on research, evidence and learning for effective delivery. But development challenges are increasing in complexity, and the speed of evolution of crises is accelerating.

In short, the urgency with which we need to bring research to bear on development challenges is increasing; yet the volume and complexity of extant research is higher than ever. This presents new challenges, particularly in terms of continuous learning, speed of adaptation, and managing the sharing of knowledge effectively.

Our role

Drawing together world-class knowledge institutions, Itad is working in close coordination with a consortium led by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex to provide MEL support and assist the UK government to meet its research and learning needs through the K4D offer described below:

  1. Providing a Research Helpdesk for rapid response and complex Emerging Issues Reports
  2. Facilitating in-depth and collaborative Learning Journeys
  3. Producing Learning Products to enhance learning and uptake

Our approach

Itad is responsible for implementing the M&E framework to help ensure quality and measure the impact of the programme For example, Itad is supporting K4D by contributing to the development of quarterly and annual reports and supporting data collection (such as surveys, key informant interviews and focus group discussions). Itad also oversees the programme logframe to ensure data is captured at all levels (output, outcome, and impact). As the programme enters its final year of implementation, Itad will develop case studies to capture the impact of K4D over the years.

Expected outcomes and outputs

The K4D Theory of Change outlines the following Impact and Outcome:

  • Impact: Enhanced quality and effectiveness of FCDO programme investments and policy decisions
  • Outcome: Programmes and policies are informed by high quality evidence and implemented by knowledgeable staff

K4D products are widely appreciated across UK Government for their quality and timeliness. Itad is excited to help promote a ‘learning culture’ within HMG and demonstrate the value of evidence-based decision making of UK aid at the highest levels.

For more details about the project contact: Ekaterina Shaleva

Team members