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Providing MEL support to the Mastercard Foundation in the West Africa Economic and Monetary Union.

Itad is leading a consortium with CLEAR FA and CIDS Burkina to provide monitoring, evaluation and learning services to the Mastercard Foundation in implementing its Young Africa Works strategy


The Mastercard Foundation’s Young Africa Works strategy is working to find solutions for Africa’s youth employment challenge through providing young women and men with equal and fair access to dignified and fulfilling work.

In the West Africa Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) region this strategy focuses on the agriculture and agriculture adjacent sectors – but is also exploring the provision of support in other sectors where there are opportunities to create jobs for young people.

The Mastercard Foundation has engaged us, in consortium with CLEAR FA and CIDS Burkina, as their Impact Partner Organisation (IPO) to support them measure the impact of their work and learn.

Our role

Our work involves four technical workstreams:

Impact Monitoring

  • Quarterly impact monitoring to focus on telling the story (both quantitative and qualitative) of the Foundation’s journey to impact – and any changes along the way.
  • Data Quality Analysis of partner data and support to improving partner MEL systems and processes
  • Annual impact report on progress towards achieving country outcomes

Capacity Building & Training

  • Training and mentorship of Young Impact Associates (YIA) in data collection and analysis, narratives, storytelling, folklore, and indigenous knowledge.
  • Young Impact Associates will be individuals based across the WAEMU region and will partake in a virtual capacity building programme.

Reviews & Evaluations

  • Reviews and evaluations to learn, support improvements in project processes and systems and measure change.

On Demand Services

  • Additional services as required by Mastercard Foundation staff and implementing partners including the conduct of special studies and organizing learning events for staff and partners.
  • Development of learning products and think pieces informed by the body of knowledge that is being created from Foundation-funded programmes.

Methods and approaches

We are committed to employing a diverse array of approaches and methods tailored to the distinct components of the IPO’s work.

Our primary focus will be on utilisation, ensuring that we deliver relevant and meaningful evidence to the Mastercard Foundation, their partners, and the young people they serve. Inclusivity, equity, and active participation will underpin our efforts, fostering the growth of knowledge and skills throughout the WAEMU region.

The technical methods we adopt will be driven by the evolving impact monitoring needs of the Mastercard Foundation throughout the project’s lifespan. Given the broad scope of activities in the IPO workstreams, the technical methods utilised may vary significantly. Nevertheless, our goal remains consistent: to harness diverse approaches and methods to craft a cohesive narrative of the journey to impact and the transformations occurring along the way.

Outcomes and impact

Our hoped for outcomes and wider stories of impact centre around improved employment opportunities for young men and women in the WAEMU region.