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Promoting Urban Climate Change Resilience in Selected Asian Cities

Itad is part of a consortium supporting the development of knowledge and M&E components under the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund.


The Urban Climate Change Resilience Partnership (UCCRP) and Trust Fund (UCCRTF) were launched in December 2013 with the support of DFID, the Rockefeller Foundation and USAID.


This US$150 million initiative was been established as a multi-donor trust fund administered by Asian Development Bank (ADB) under its Urban Financing Partnership Facility. The UCCRTF aimed to scale up urban climate change resilience across 25 medium-sized cities in Asia, prioritising six of ADB’s developing member countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Viet Nam.

The UCCRTF supported climate change integration into city planning, implementation of both ‘hard’ (infrastructure) and ‘soft’ (policy or institutional) interventions, and included a strong knowledge component. These three components aimed to help cities reduce the risks that rapid urbanization and climate change have on their population, particularly the urban poor.

Our role

Itad was part of a three-member consortium led by ODI, which supported ADB with the development of knowledge and monitoring & evaluation (M&E) components under the UCCRTF.

Itad provided an M&E Expert responsible for creating a cohesive M&E framework which built on the existing draft logframe. Our approach employed a theory-based evaluation and consisted of a number of activities:

(i) To develop the initial preparation of the programme-level baseline study for the logframe

(ii) To provide recommendations for city-level baselining process and for on-going monitoring at programme and city level.

(iii) To advise on issues such as indicator development, and means for routine results reporting from city-level interventions to the relevant UCCRTF programme management and evaluation unit responsible for course correction and evaluative learning.

This six-month-long evaluation included two visits to Manila (at the start and towards the end of the project) and a short visit to Hanoi to ground-truth our findings and recommendations.


Image © Pasig River, Manila, Philippines. Photo Credit: Bar Fabella (CC BY 2.0)