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The Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network: UNICEF Assessment

A continuing trend in international development has been the greater scrutiny of ODA (Overseas Development Assistance) spending, with bilateral donors wanting to ensure their spending achieves impact and demonstrates value for money. The MOPAN (Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network) was launched in 2002 as a network of donor countries for monitoring the performance of multilateral development organisations.


As MOPAN’s members fund the multilateral system, they share a common interest in improving the accountability and performance of the multilateral organisations they fund.  Itad and Universalia are leading a MOPAN assessment of UNICEF to support accountability, improve organisational learning and enhance performance.

The MOPAN Secretariat commissions numerous learning-focused assessments every year, as well as thematic reviews to collate and synthesise learning on shared issues. These organisational assessments provide a tool that bilateral donors can use to collectively meet their own standards of accountability and due diligence, to inform strategic dialogue with assessed multilateral organisations, and to contribute to broader learning to improve the workings of the multilateral system. Importantly, MOPAN also aims to strengthen the assessed organisation’s contribution to better development and humanitarian results.

Our role

Itad is working closely with the ‘Strategic Working Group’ established by UNICEF to work with MOPAN. Our team is overseeing a participatory assessment to support MOPAN’s learning goals and UNICEF’s interest in developing learning. The assessment will support the development of a new strategic plan, with findings and recommendations intended to inform UNICEF’s leadership.


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Team members
Eve Mackinnon Rob Lloyd