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Monitoring progress towards the SDGs and providing digitally-driven solutions for UNICEF’s COVID-19 WASH response

Sustainable Development Goal 6 aims to achieve universal access to safe and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene. The UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office are committed to supporting partners deliver this Goal through WASH programming reaching the most vulnerable people. They are undertaking a review of SDG 6 (‘Universal access to water and sanitation for all’) – five years into the implementation to take stock of progress and take forward lessons learned.


Itad and mWater are undertaking a regional review of existing institutional infrastructures, technology and skills to monitor the implementation of SDG 6 and feed into the SDG  review, as well as an in-depth exploration of SDG 6 monitoring systems in five country case studies.  We are generating monthly dashboards and visualisations of the UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) and country offices of the COVID WASH response as well as highlighting risks to service discontinuity.


The main purpose of this two-year assignment is to strengthen the capacity of UNICEF ESARO and its partners for monitoring the implementation of WASH action undertaken at the country level.

Our role

We will carry out:

  • UN SDGs monitoring: an assessment of SDG monitoring systems of 21 countries. We will also develop a digital monitoring framework for continued assessment of SDG performance across all of these countries.
  • COVID-19-response monitoring: In selected ESARO countries and at the regional level we will design and implement a digital data management system that tracks and visually displays activity, output and monitoring data related to the COVID-19 response.
  • WASH sector monitoring: In the three Accelerating Sanitation and Water for All (ASWA) countries and at the regional level we will build on existing systems and enhance real-time data management and remote support for monitoring WASH activities and regional level DGIS (Netherlands: Directorate-General for International Cooperation) ASWA monitoring.

Our approach

We are applying a bottom-up, user-centred approach, working closely with UNICEF ESARO, country offices and their partners to design the bespoke digital dashboards based on sector consultation and use cases. We will train local partners on using our dashboards and provide ongoing tailored support on their use. We aim for our innovative and digitally-driven monitoring support to contribute to a resilient system.

Download materials:

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Feature image: istock/Stanley Chota

Team members
Eve Mackinnon