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Monitoring and Evaluation of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN)

Itad is conducting monitoring and evlauation of the Rockefeller Foundation's Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network.


The Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN) aims to catalyse attention, funding, and action on building climate change resilience for poor and vulnerable people by creating robust models and methodologies for assessing and addressing risk through active engagement and analysis of various cities.


Itad conducted a monitoring and evaluation of ACCCRN. Through the network, it was anticipated that a network of Asian cities will have developed robust plans to prepare for, withstand and recover from the predicted impacts of climate change. To accomplish this, ACCCRN must meet the following objectives: i) Test and demonstrate a range of actions to build climate change resilience in cities; ii) Build a replicable base of lessons learned, successes and failures; iii) Assist cities in the development and implementation of a climate change resilience building process; and iv) Help cities continue activities that build climate change resilience.


Anticipated results of the ACCCRN programme include: a) Capacity building – Selected cities in South and South East Asia have adequate capacity to plan, finance, coordinate, and implement climate change resilience strategies; b) Network for learning and engagement – A broad range of representatives of cities, civil society, donors, private sector, technical partners engage with ACCCRN to mutually identify and solve key climate change resilience problems; and, c) Expansion, deepening of experience, scaling up – New and more diverse partners provide resources and funding for replication in current and new cities to support the implementation of resilience plans and strategies.

Image © Kuala Lumpur. Photo Credit: Emmeline Willcocks
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