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Learning Partner for the Financial Sector Deepening Trust, Tanzania

The Financial Sector Deepening Trust in Tanzania (FSDT) adopts a market development approach towards addressing systemic constraints in the market and to contribute towards achieving pro-poor growth in the financial sector.


FSDT uses a broad range of financial instruments – including loans, guarantees and grants – to spur innovation among Financial Services Providers (FSPs) and the development of the financial ecosystem. Leveraging on its position as a thought leader in financial inclusion, FSDT acts as a facilitator in the market through a combination of convening, advocacy and engagement support delivered to a range of stakeholders, as well as by sponsoring implementing research and development and supporting the uptake of innovations in the market. Evidence generation is a cornerstone of the work of FSDT that allows us to understand the level of financial inclusion in the country and to encourage evidence-based decision-making by regulators, policymakers and FSPs. This evidence also feeds into the design of suitable activities.


Itad is FSDT’s learning partner. The objectives of this partnership are to support the organisation to:

  • Improve its capability to assess performance on an ongoing basis.
  • Use performance information to enable FSDT to innovate and adapt quickly, basing forward-looking decisions on robust and ‘real time’ evidence.
  • Generate evidence about FSDT’s impact and what works and what doesn’t for both internal and external learning
  • Provide credible and robust evidence to funders on results achieved
  • Ultimately, achieve greater impact.

Activities under the learning partnership include strategic reviews, training and technical support, evidence generation about what works, and support to strengthening of FSDT’s M&E system.


Image: Stone town, Zanzibar © Credit: Rod Waddington (Flickr) (CC BY-SA 2.0)