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Independent Evaluation of the Biodiverse Landscapes Fund

We are assessing the impact of the biodiverse landscapes fund and providing ongoing support to the implementers and Defra to ensure evidence is being generated and fed into learning cycles.


The Biodiverse Landscapes Fund (BLF) is a £100 million programme to restore six key transboundary landscapes and their ecosystems and to support human development objectives in global biodiversity hotspots.

The BLF aims to:

  • Reduce poverty and create sustainable economic development for communities living in – and dependent upon – environmentally precious landscapes.
  • Restore landscapes and deliver long-lasting protection through sustainable management practices, improving the quality of ecosystems and safeguarding biodiversity.
  • Help to tackle climate change with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through the protection of natural carbon sinks.
  • Address the drivers of environmental degradation and support national governments, local and park authorities and communities to deliver long-term sustainable management and use of natural resources.

Our role

In partnership with Oxford Policy Management, we are conducting an independent evaluation of the BLF.

Our systems-informed evaluation will run parallel to the implementation of the fund until 2029 to assess the impact, processes and value for money of the BLF at both the programme and landscape levels.

In addition, we will provide ongoing developmental evaluation products to support adaptive management and work with the fund manager and implementers to incorporate evidence generation into learning cycles.

Our methods

Our theory-based approach is complexity and systems-informed. In this evaluation we are combining an impact evaluation with developmental evaluation components and using a mix of evaluation methodologies.

Aims & outcomes

The evaluation will assess the outcomes and impact of the fund, as well as ensuring that lessons are incorporated in learning cycles.

Team members