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GDNet M&E Technical Support 2009-2014

Itad’s supported and facilitated GDNet’s monitoring, evaluation and learning activities, and drafted a final report in 2014.


GDNet is a knowledge network organisation who support researchers from the global South.  As such they work at the nexus between research and policy.  Itad was originally approached by GDNet to help clearly map out and strengthen GDNet’s strategic direction and objectives between 2009-2014.  Within this remit, Itad’s core function was to support and facilitate GDNet’s monitoring, evaluation and learning activities.

Our role

Itad helped GDNet to more rigorously monitor and evaluate their policy influence, to measure results, and better understand their contribution to change. Between 2009 and 2014 a team at Itad assisted GDNet to design and test the internal rigour of its logframe through a process to define indicators, ascertain robust sources of data, and establish reliable baselines for each output. Itad designed an M&E system that employed a variety of data collection methods including panel surveys, appreciative inquiry based on the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique, bibliometric sampling exercises, and disaggregated questionnaires of user perceptions.

Team members