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Gatsby Africa: Strategic Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Partnership

Our learning partnership with Gatsby Africa aims to strengthen their ability to learn, adapt and make better programming decisions. We support them to more effectively work towards their goal of transforming sectors in East Africa to create jobs, raise income and reduce poverty.


Despite progress in recent years, poverty and unemployment is the reality for large numbers of East Africans. Gatsby Foundation are working across 12 sectors in East Africa to create jobs, raise incomes and reduce poverty by accelerating inclusive and resilient economic growth. Gatsby aim to achieve this through three interlocking objectives. Gatsby fund and implement programmes that look to catalyse and influence large-scale and lasting change in priority sectors – such as cotton in Tanzania.  

Our role

Our partnership with Gatsby is focused on strengthening their programmes and their ability to learn and adapt. This will enable them to: 

  • Refine the conceptual framework we use to think about whether the sectors we work in are building the underlying conditions they need to become resilient and survive and thrive in the long term. 
  • Strengthen their measurement frameworks to better track the underlying health of sectors and their progress towards transformation. 
  • Further, empower their programmes to adapt and flex based on their learning. 

In addition to this, we work with Gatsby’s individual programmes to support them during their review cycles to assess their theories of action and measurement approaches. Where appropriate, we also provide technical support on certain approaches and methods that the programme teams are looking to use. 

We also support Gatsby’s close partner organisations, Kenya Markets Trust and Msingi, in their own efforts to strengthen their capacity in MEL. 

For more information read the Learning Partnership briefing paper.


Contact James Robinson ( if you would like to discuss this project.


Image © Neil Thomas for Gatsby Africa

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