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Evaluation of the UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund

Investment in infrastructure across the Caribbean has supported growth, trade and created new jobs. Ongoing investment is needed to support infrastructure sustainability and resilience, and improve lives. Itad has been commissioned by DFID Caribbean to carry out an evaluation of the UKCIF (UK Caribbean Infrastructure Fund).


The UKCIF is a £300 million fund, providing infrastructure grants in eight Caribbean countries. Through investing in new and improved infrastructure, the programme aims to encourage economic growth in these countries, support improved livelihoods, poverty reduction and safer conditions for citizens, and at the same time improve climate resilience.

As well as providing an accountability function on the performance of UKCIF, this evaluation will also contribute to learning for development banks and Caribbean governments implementing large scale infrastructure programmes in the region. The evaluation will focus on the themes of resilience, gender, social inclusion, and the socio-economic impact of road access.

Among its methods, this evaluation will utilise remote data collection technology tailored to specific country and intervention contexts. It will put special emphasis on stakeholder engagement to build stakeholder ownership of the process, as well as learning and dissemination.


Image: Vedado neighbourhood in Havana, Cuba. Credit: Cesarhgv (iStock)