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Evaluation of UBS-Optimus’ Health Strategy and Development of a New Strategic Direction

We evaluated UBS-Optimus’ achievements, impact trajectory, and contribution to saving children's lives through its health strategy portfolio.


UBS-Optimus’ health strategy aims to improve healthcare systems in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). It focuses on three key areas: frontline health, safe surgery and paediatric cancer.

The strategy’s objective is to support and scale models that enhance access to, and the quality of, healthcare in communities, clinics, and hospitals – ultimately leading to saving children’s lives.

As UBS-Optimus entered its third year of implementation, we were commissioned to review their health strategy. Our review sought to help UBS Optimus understand the likelihood of its health portfolio achieving impact, while reevaluating its strategic choices.

Our role

This project aims to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Assess the achievements and future impact trajectory of UBS-Optimus’ health strategy portfolio to date.

The evaluation examined the outcomes and effectiveness of UBS-Optimus’ strategy in improving access to and the quality of healthcare. It provided insights into the extent to which the strategy has contributed to saving children’s lives.

  1. Evaluate the alignment and relevance of current strategic areas

The evaluation assessed whether the strategy’s areas of focus (frontline health, safe surgery, and paediatric cancer) remained aligned with the foundation’s goal to catalyse systemic and sustainable change in global health, and whether adjustments or refinements were necessary.

  1. Identify emerging areas or challenges in global health where UBS-Optimus can make a significant impact

The evaluation explored potential areas within global health that leverage UBS-Optimus’ strengths, resources and expertise offer opportunities for the foundation to pivot its focus.


The project delivered an evaluation report with a comprehensive analysis of UBS-Optimus’ health strategy. Our actionable insights and recommendations helped to inform the development of a new UBS-Optimus health strategy.

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