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Evaluation Manager for DFID Tanzania: Rural Roads and Livelihoods

Itad is providing M&E advice and capacity building to the implementing DFID programmes in Tanzania.


Itad is the evaluation manager for two DFID programmes:

  • Improving Rural Access Programme (IRAT), which aims to improve rural roads in Tanzania in order to benefit agricultural development and to improve access to markets and basic services; and
  • Livelihood Enhancement through Agricultural Development (LEAD) programme, which aims to raise the incomes of smallholder maize and poultry farmers, particularly women, by improving farmer skills, and improving access to inputs and end markets. This programme has now finished implementation.

The aim of the evaluations

The purpose of the evaluations is to provide an assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and impact of each programme.

The evaluations will also use evidence from the IRAT programme to answer a number of broader evaluation questions about the conditions under which road improvements have the greatest effects, and therefore contribute to wider learning on the design of future rural roads programmes.  As part of the work, Itad is providing M&E advice and quality assurance to the implementing partners.

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Team members
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