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Design of the Democratic Governance Facility


Itad’s Richard Burge led an eight-person team to design a five-year multi-donor governance programme in Uganda.

Working closely with eight European donors the programme design was informed by a political economy analysis of key areas of governance in Uganda. These areas covered three interconnected domains of governance:

  1. democratic processes that build citizen-state relationships
  2. citizen empowerment, engagement and accountability and
  3. protection of human rights, access to justice and gender equality.

Approved by the donors, the design is seen as innovative with an adaptive programming approach based on a set of principles around identifying and solving national and local problems, being prepared to ‘do things differently’ and ‘be politically smart’, ensure regular learning, be founded on a human rights-based and gender equality approach, and engage a broad set of actors around key governance issues identified.


Image © Under the mango tree. Photo Credit: Sanjoy Ghosh

Team members
Richard Burge