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Conducting research & learning for Adolescents A360 Amplify to improve girls’ access to contraception

Itad is leading the research and learning agenda for Adolescents A360 over the course of 'Amplify' phase of the programme.


Adolescents 360 Amplify (A360 Amplify) aims to support the uptake of modern contraceptives among adolescent girls in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Tanzania from 2020-25. The programme is implemented by Population Services international and funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.

A360 Amplify follows on from the Adolescents A360 programme which ran from 2016-2020 and for which Itad was the independent evaluator.

The A360 Amplify programme comprises three workstreams:

  1. Strengthening key components of A360’s interventions (contraceptive continuation, enabling environments and male engagement, and girls’ economic empowerment) using human centered design
  2. Integrating A360’s interventions into government institutions using systematic scale-up practices, so that implementation can be run by government actors at large-scale by the final years of the project
  3. Replicating interventions from A360, the predecessor to A360 Amplify, in Kenya using human centered design to adapt the interventions to the local context.

Our role

Itad’s research and learning agenda supports A360 Amplify in strategic ways, while generating independent evidence to facilitate learning and support adaptation and course correction.

Our methods and approaches

Our approach to research and learning aims to develop insight into A360’s uniquely adaptive and human-centred design approach to adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health programming. The research and learning agenda provides evidence on key issues like feasibility of government institutionalisation, adaptive programming and meaningful youth engagement to inform the ongoing optimisation of the programme.

The programme and evaluation initially coverd four countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria, however the Tanzania programme and evaluation was phased out at the end of 2021.

Outcomes and impact

We hope to support the scale-up of A360 Amplify by offering insight to inform real-time adaptations and programme improvements that will help improve the lives of more than a million girls by enabling them to adopt modern contraception.

Team members
Izzy Quilter Mary Lagaay