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Betsie Lewis – External


Since joining Itad as part of our Research Analyst programme, Betsy has worked across multiple practices, but now works cross-practice with the Human Development and Conflict teams as a Consultant.

She has worked on a number of health programmes on health systems strengthening, international health regulations, strategy reviews and the eradication of neglected tropical diseases. Most recently, she has combined her cross-practice experience and has begun working on the joint evaluation of the protection of refugee rights during the pandemic.

Betsie holds an MSc in International Development: Poverty, Conflict and Reconstruction from the University of Manchester, having previously gained a BA in French and Arabic. During her under-graduate studies Betsie lived in Jordan where she studied and volunteered on numerous projects with refugees. She has experience working in Zaatari refugee camp as well outreach projects working with refugees in cities across Jordan.

Her post-graduate research focussed on the impact of French immigration law on island communities and migration in the Indian Ocean, and she has conducted field work in Uganda researching refugee policy and social conflict in the region.

Whilst at university, Betsie volunteered as a researcher for grassroots community groups working to support  asylum seekers across Manchester and volunteered as a caseworker for refugees in Merseyside.

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