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Becky Sibson


Becky Sibson is a Research Analyst at Itad. She has over 4 years’ experience in the international development sector. Her work initially focussed on women’s rights and girl’s education to later specialise in conflict, peace and security.

Becky has a master’s degree in gender and development, and experience working in NGO programmes in Nepal, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. At Itad, she spent one year in the project management unit, where she grounded her approaches to MEL in project management expertise. Now, Becky works across projects in the conflict, peace and security team, focussing on work with UK CSSF (Conflict Security and Stability Fund) in North Africa and Eastern Africa.

Becky has experience in portfolio-level evaluations, Theory of Change strategies, results frameworks and other monitoring systems. Becky also has experience working on humanitarian evaluations with UNHCR and UNICEF.

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