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Think Piece

Think Piece: Data innovations for tackling fragility

What does it mean for monitoring, evaluation and learning?


Fragile and conflict-affected settings demand nuanced solutions. What do digital technology and big data innovations mean for how we do monitoring, evaluation and learning in these settings?

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Itad has been working in conflict-affected and emergency settings globally for over 35 years, providing evidence and helping our clients learn how to tackle some of the most intractable problems the world faces.

Emerging digital technology and ‘big data’ innovations can help us map and understand the complex challenges affecting fragile and conflict-affected settings to deliver more targeted and ultimately more effective solutions.

This Think Piece shares reflections from our projects, particularly the Global Mine Action Programme 2 (GMAP2), to further explore the potential and pitfalls of digital tech in the context of fragility.

Screenshot from the think piece with text about 'The emerging landscape of digital tech and data innovations'
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Digital tech and big data can transform how we generate and use evidence in fragile settings. It can help us to:

  • Examine impact in fragile settings at an affordable cost
  • Predict and more effectively respond to conflict and climate shocks
  • Develop more precise multidimensional understandings of complex issues such as fragility
  • Empower local voices to inform and design responses that better meet their needs

However, it is risky to assume that data innovations will automatically translate into better results.

Read our Think Piece to learn more about the implications for how we can effectively use digital tech and big data in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

Download: Data innovations for tackling fragility – Think Piece