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Routes to resilience: insights from BRACED year 2

Paula Silva Villanueva and Vicky Sword-Daniels

Two years into implementation of the Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters (BRACED) programme, this report collates and synthesises evidence from BRACED project Implementing Partners’ (IPs’) year 2 annual reports, to understand how projects are building resilience. These findings, lessons and recommendations contribute to the growing body of evidence and learning about ‘What works, in what contexts and why?’ in terms of resilience-strengthening. It is hoped that the report will contribute to a deeper understanding of the practical implications of resilience as a concept and how it can be assessed and measured to inform the design and commissioning of programmes.

A separate report, ‘Routes to resilience: Lessons from monitoring BRACED, year 2’ reflects on the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and the experiences of the BRACED Knowledge Manager (KM) in improving and applying this in its second year.

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