Capacity Development 2

Borne out of Itad’s work with the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Capacity Development 2 (CD2) is a conceptual framework that explores the latest thinking on capacity development and the roles that social media and new digital tools play.

Robbie Gregorowski and Mel Punton from Itad, along with Itad Associates Cheryl Brown, Pete Cranston, and Isabel Vogel, have written a series of blogs introducing the CD2 framework and its five core components: systems perspectives, dimensions of change, behavioural competencies, enabling environment, and the interactive web.


May 2014 – Are You Digitally Competent? Pete Cranston

May 2014 – Behavioural Competencies in a Digital World Pete Cranston

April 2014 – Viewing Capacity Development through Four Dimensions of Change  Mel Punton

March 2014 – How Systems Perspectives make us view Capacity Development Differently Mel Punton

February 2014 – Capacity development: how should we reframe it for the Digital Age?  Robbie Gregorowski