GEF, Capacity Development Review

2013; UK; Global Environment Facility, World Bank

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) provides support to address global environmental concerns and since its inception in 1991 has provided $11billion in grants to projects in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

The GEF Evaluation Office (GEF EO) is independent of GEF management and is administered by the World Bank. Capacity development on environmental issues is a key aspect of GEF work. The GEF EO undertook a meta-evaluation of Enabling Activities, one of four modalities through which GEF activities are financed.

Itad reviewed the meta-evaluation of the GEF EA to determine how, if at all, Capacity Development 2.0 (CD2.0) approaches and tools had been employed under this modality. Itad then defined a framework for GEF CD 2.0 and synthesised appropriate examples and lessons in the successful application of CD 2.0. This was followed by the presentation of a set of GEF appropriate options according to a matrix of levels and needs.

Itad led the evaluation with a team of experts with experience in evaluations, ICT, knowledge management and communications. The team undertook a desk review, reviewed the meta evaluation of the GEF Enabling Activities for use of Capacity Development 2.0, formed an expert panel, conducted telephone interviews with Thought Leaders in CD 2.0 approaches and tools and produced a conceptual framework and final report. Within the conceptual framework the team defined how CD 2.0 approaches and tools could be deployed to better support GEF EA modality in the future.  The findings of this work have been disseminated through a series of Itad blogs.

Image © Burkina Faso – Integrated Ecosystem Management to Combat Natural Resources Degradation in Watersheds – transportation. Photo credit: Global Environment Facility