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Continuous learning

Learning is a fundamental part of our work and culture. We embrace learning on an everyday basis to generate knowledge and share skills to enable innovation, positive change and personal growth. Learning is central to the professional development of our staff and helping clients and partners to improve their performance.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for our team members at all stages of their career. We celebrate our hybrid working approach; our learning activities have been developed to be as accessible as possible to everyone everywhere. To achieve this, we have invested in various initiatives, including a learning management system which provides staff access to learning at any time of day, all across the world. Our platform enables us to create, host and deliver bespoke online materials and sessions, so our teams don’t miss a beat.

In-house courses

We offer a wide array of learning and development courses ranging from presentation and facilitation skills, to developing indicators and mastering survey design. Many of these courses are developed and delivered by our in-house experts. Course content is hosted on our learning management platform which we call ‘Itademy’. As well as offering bespoke courses designed in-house, Itademy includes an extensive library of hundreds of off-the-shelf professionally created, video-based courses across a huge range of topics.

‘’After researching the content library on Itademy, I noticed that there were many topics of interest. Many are very specific to my role and others are around skills which, although having done similar courses before, it is always good to do a refresher’. – Jackie Boyce, Commercial Bid Manager


Our regular seminars (which we call ‘TadTalks’) are a great opportunity to share new knowledge and exchange ideas. We cover all kinds of issues from evaluation methodologies and latest digital innovations, to fostering inclusion and nurturing new Itad initiatives. They are open to all members of staff, and sometimes our wider networks.

External courses & qualifications

Where specialist training is required or you wish to pursue a qualification, we can support you to explore your options. In the past we have partnered with organisations for organisation-wide learning on topics such as safeguarding, software and unconscious bias. At the individual level, we have helped staff achieve professional qualifications through the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting (CIMA), Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).po

 ‘’The Microsoft Power BI course was very useful in learning how to clean datasets and create charts in an easy and quick way, simplifying the process significantly! It helped to streamline my workflow, reducing time spent on dataset management and enabling the creation of visually compelling presentations for clients. I am excited about continuing my practice with Power BI and sharing my knowledge with colleagues!’’ – Valeria Raggi, Consultant

‘’The opportunity that Itad gave me to study CIPD’s Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development, has transformed my approach to learning and development practice and is one of the biggest learning curves of my career to date. The two-year course really cemented my knowledge and skills within managing leadership development, the impact of learning within organisational culture and technology enhanced learning. This learning has become vital in supporting the Itad’s strategic goals and is an experience I will always treasure’’. – Rachel Conway, Learning and Development Lead

Women’s Coaching and Leadership

As part of our commitment to making Itad a more inclusive workplace, we  launched a women’s coaching programme. The programme is a thought-provoking and creative process, which aims to inspire and unlock previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

 “If only I had access to this resource many years ago at the beginning of my career, when you have a young family and are trying to be so much to so many people. This programme has helped me to gain confidence in identifying the direction I want to take in ensuring that I maximise my skills and passion in this stage of my life and career.” – Women Coaching Programme Participant

In recent years several staff in leadership roles have taken part in a learning initiative to help strengthen our leadership approaches.

“The Leadership Programme was a fantastic opportunity to work together with other leaders across Itad to shape our leadership behaviours and how to implement these. The topics explored have been useful since, and although the method of learning sometimes pushed us out of our comfort zones, this embedded the learning and enhanced relationships between participants.” – Robyn Lovegrove, Financial Controller


Apprenticeships are an exciting option to develop your career. At Itad you will get hands-on training and the chance to put your skills into practice. Your placement will be facilitated by an independent training provider who will support you to complete a portfolio of work and end-point assessment over a 13 to 24 month period. You will have access to all our learning opportunities such as coaching, seminars, peer-to-peer learning and in-house courses on our virtual learning platform.

“Through my apprenticeship in business administration, I have not only gained valuable skills in the workplace but also grown immensely as an individual. So far, the structured training has helped bring me up to speed with business fundamentals and improved my confidence in communication, time management, and problem-solving in a work environment. Itad has been incredibly supportive of my professional development and has worked cohesively with the apprenticeship to create and coordinate opportunities to develop my skill set. The hands-on experience I receive on the job has been invaluable in solidifying my learning, and the chance to gain a qualification while working is ideal.” – Jenna Scott, Business Administrator Apprentice