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Itad at the 2016 UKES Conference

Itad will have lots of representatives at this weeks' UK Evaluation Society (UKES) Conference, speaking on a range of subjects.


Itad had lots of representatives at this years’ UK Evaluation Society (UKES) Conference, speaking on a range of subjects from measuring resilience in complex contexts to championing change through evaluation.

Dave Wilson and Robbie Gregorowski reflected on the lessons they are learning on our BRACED project, in particular how they have translated conceptual resilience measurement into practice through an M&E system which is flexible and ensures coherence. Florian Schatz, with OPM’s Jeremy Holland, explored the methodological lessons from a macro evaluation of DFID’s social accountability portfolio.

David Fleming and Tasneem Mowjee explored the Danish approach to championing change through evaluation, and captured their experience of working with a donor agency that is communicating and using evaluation findings to bring about organisational change. Sarah Standley and Sam McPherson shared findings on evaluating strategic influence from the recently completed evaluation of the Global Fund strategy and current work on evaluating the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation’s 2015 climate change strategy. Finally, Fionn O’Sullivan explored the challenges in evaluating market systems programmes, and discussed an approach which unpacks the different aspects of complexity in a market system to allow for programme impact to be evaluated.

We had an interesting and thought-provoking couple of days – to find out more, read our UKES blogs: