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Richard Burge

Richard Burge joined Itad in 2017 as an Associate Director and is now a Partner, leading the company’s work on governance and institutional strengthening.

Richard has experience working in the UK government and with civil society. He has particular expertise in designing and evaluating complex, large-scale governance programmes in Africa, introducing and measuring adaptive programming and management, conducting political economy analyses, providing capacity development and developing Theories of Change (ToC).

He has worked with many clients including DFID, FCO, MOD, Danida, Sida, Comic Relief and various several INGOs, including Cafod, CARE and Christian Aid.

Nationality: British
Languages: English (mother tongue), French (fair), Spanish (fair)
Country Experience:

Afghanistan, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iraq, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia


MPhil Latin American Studies
University of Cambridge
BA Geography and Politics
Queen Mary College, University of London


2017 - Ongoing
Associate Director
Itad Ltd., UK

2015 - 2016
Head of Governance
IPE – Triple Line Consulting, UK
Leading and managing the Governance practice across the wider company.
2010 - 2015
Senior Consultant
Triple Line Consulting, UK
Focusing on governance, peace building and conflict, M&E and learning, grant management.
2008 - 2010
Programme and Project Management Adviser
Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK
Provided advice and support to programme funding teams to ensure that programme spend is aligned with strategic priorities and delivers value for money; and helping to build capacity and understanding of programme and project management skills within the FCO.
2008 - 2010
Freelance Consultant (International Development & Politics), UK

2007 - 2008
Special Adviser to the Secretary of State for Defence
Ministry of Defence, UK
Advised Secretary of State, other Defence ministers and MPs on operational issues (particularly Iraq and Afghanistan), policy and strategy (budget, equipment programmes, naval bases, trade unions, multilateral nuclear disarmament, cluster munitions, personnel welfare), defence debates and speeches (in parliament and at party conference) and foreign policy.
2001 - 2007
Freelance Consultant (International Development), UK

1999 - 2001
Head of Great Lakes Region
Christian Aid, UK
Managed a team of up to 30 staff in Burundi, Congo and Rwanda. Lead role in defining programme strategy and direction, policy and advocacy, chair of European network on the Great Lakes, set up All Party Parliamentary Group, developed duty of care policy.

Project Experience:

2016 - 2017
Design of phase 2 of the Democratic Governance Facility
(Danida, Uganda) - Team Leader
Design of the next phase of a multi-donor governance programme in Uganda including a context analysis, programme strategy, thematic strategies, M&E and Learning, and building in an adaptive programming approach.
Evaluation of the Democratic Governance Facility
(Danida, Uganda) - Team Leader
Evaluation of a multi-donor governance programme in Uganda covering a five-year period and a range of governance themes (Deepening Democracy, Rights, Justice and Peace, Voice and Accountability).
Design of the UK’s International Anti-Corruption Programme
(DFID, UK) - Organisational Development Specialist
Review of UK’s anti-corruption work to date, identifying opportunities for a future five-year anti-corruption programme, interviewing DFID, FCO and other Whitehall stakeholders, focusing on the organisational and management aspects of a Business Case design.
2014 - 2016
Civil and Political Rights Tracking Project
(DFID, Tanzania) - Project Director and Civil Society and Political Adviser
Implementing a three-year capacity strengthening programme with the Legal and Human Rights Centre in Tanzania and its stakeholders; inception phase includes a gap analysis and developing human rights tracking methodology.
2014 - 2015
Impact Evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy
(DFID/FCO, UK) - M&E and Quality Assurance adviser
Providing short-term advice and guidance to the evaluation team on this project; representing IPE Global at key stakeholder meetings.
2013 - 2016
Urban Slums Programme (4-cities initiative)
(Comic Relief, Africa) - Strategic Adviser/Team Leader
Design and implementation of city-level and overarching monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks, and developing collaboration plans, with civil society organisations and other stakeholders in Cape Town, Freetown, Kampala and Lusaka.
2013 - 2015
Evaluation of the Arab Partnership Fund
(DFID/FCO, Middle East and North Africa) - Stabilisation Policy Expert (and Project Manager)
Core team member for a theory-based evaluation of the DFID and FCO Arab Partnership Fund with a particular focus on Democratic Governance, Political Participation and Public Voice; and on Jordan and Morocco.
2013 - 2014
Enabling State Programme
(DFID, Nepal) - Consultant for results & learning review
Provided strategic advice and support to two phases on four governance themes – community mediation, inclusive governance, gender-based violence and right to information.
2012 - 2016
Specialist Evaluation and Quality Assurance Service (SEQAS)
(DFID, UK) - Evaluation Specialist
M&E expert and management role servicing M&E requests from DFID and other UK government departments. Requests include designing evaluations and quality assurance on TOR and evaluation report. Has included conducting two evaluability studies (Afghanistan, Pakistan) and QA of governance ToRs and evaluation reports.
2009 - 2011
Governance and Transparency Fund
(DFID, Global) - Lead on M&E and Learning
Impact and learning adviser including writing learning paper on tools, methods and approaches. Performance assessment and learning across a portfolio of 38 projects around the world in all aspects of governance (anti-corruption, decentralisation, access to services, justice and human rights and participation in government decision making). Facilitated global workshop on lesson learning.
Review of Africa Conflict Prevention Programme
(DFID, FCO, MOD) - Team Leader
Consultancy involved managing a team of three other experts in Africa peace and conflict issues and value for money, conducting document review and interviews of government officials, presentation and report writing.
2005 - 2006
Evaluation of a portfolio of peace building and conflict resolution projects
(DFID) - Consultant
Provided advice and support to programme funding teams to ensure that programme spend is aligned with strategic priorities and delivers value for money; and helping to build capacity and understanding of programme and project management skills within the FCO.
Vodafone project
(Fauna & Flora International, Vodafone Foundation) - Co-Manager
Vodafone-funded project looking into the application of mobile phones and other information technologies in sustainable development and conservation especially in southern Africa for Fauna & Flora International. Co-wrote two published reports on the application of mobile phone technology in development and conservation, and the coltan industry in DR Congo.