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Rachel Eager

Rachel Eager is the Head of Knowledge Management at Itad, joining the company in 2016.

Rachel leads Itad’s Knowledge Hub, co-ordinating internal knowledge curation and synthesis across all thematic areas and supporting the company to engage and share our learning and knowledge with the wider sector. As the Deputy Director of the Centre for Development Impact (CDI), Rachel works on our innovative, cross-disciplinary partnership with the Institute of Development Studies and University of East Anglia. Rachel provides technical and methodological advice to support the delivery of Itad’s consultancy assignments. Rachel is currently working on the evaluation of the Department of Health’s Fleming Fund, a £265 million one health programme.

Prior to joining Itad, Rachel was the Deputy Head of Impact, Innovation and Evidence, at Save the Children UK, providing research, monitoring and evaluation technical support and capacity building. During this time, Rachel had a strong focus research, monitoring and evaluation systems, including pioneering the development of the Save the Children research and evaluation ethical review committee; leading the programmatic Value for Money strategy and co-ordinating the cross-movement organisational Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning framework.

Rachel is a proficient mixed methods researcher with experience in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. She has a particular interest innovative approaches to impact evaluation, drawing on multi-disciplinary approaches and cross-sector learning.

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Nationality: British
Languages: English (fluent spoken and written); French (basic spoken and written)
Country Experience:

Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somaliland, South Sudan, Tajikistan


Certificate in International Perspectives in Participatory Research Methods
PRIA & University of Victoria
The University of Edinburgh
MSc Applied Animal Behaviour & Welfare
The University of Edinburgh
BSc Zoology
The University of Leicester


2017 - ongoing
Head of Knowledge Management
Itad Ltd.

2016 - 2017
Senior Consultant
Itad Ltd.

2014 - 2016
Deputy Head of Impact, Innovation, and Evidence
Save the Children UK

2012 - 2014
Senior Advisor, Impact and Evidence
Save the Children UK

2007 - 2012
Programme Advisor - Research
The Brooke

2002 - 2003
BVA-funded Research Assistant


J-PAL Executive Education - Evaluating Social Impact
Complex Adaptive Systems for Development, Ben Ramalingam
Most Significant Change Technique for Evaluation, Social Impact Consulting
Child Participation, HREA
Senior Management Development Training, Save the Children
Value for Money, New Economics Foundation
Qualitative Research, The University of Bristol
Planning an effective research communication strategy, EADI
Regression, nonlinear and generalised linear models in Genstat - VSN International
Participatory Rural Appraisal Techniques, PRAXIS
REML and multi-level models in Genstat, VSN INternational


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  • Value for money. Untangling the tangled web. (2013)
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  • Minimising prevalence and severity of lip lesions in working donkeys of Rustam community through awareness raising: a pilot project based on lip lesion risk assessment findings. (2010)
    The 6th International Colloquium on Working Equines
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