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Nick Chapman

Nick Chapman is a development evaluator and team leader, with over 30 years experience working in international development.

His expertise includes:

  • Mission Leader, Development Evaluation
  • Agricultural Economics (including Economic and Financial Project Analysis)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Design
  • Appraisal and evaluation of irrigation, credit, land reform and agricultural extension investments
  • Institutional Assessment and Project Management
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Poverty Monitoring

Nationality: British
Languages: English (mother tongue)
Country Experience:

Afghanistan, Armenia, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Jamaica, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St. Lucia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Denmark, England, Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Venezuela, West Bank/Gaza


PhD Geography and Agricultural Extension
University of London
MA Development Studies (Africa)
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
BSc Geography (Hons.)
New University of Ulster

Project Experience:

Agricultural Sector Development Programme (II)
(World Bank) - Team Member
Part of an FAO/WB mission helping to formulate the second phase of the national ASDP for the World Bank (April-May)
2014 - Ongoing
Evaluation Manager for DFID Tanzania: Rural Roads and Livelihoods
(DFID) - Evaluation Manager
Team Leader for a long-term independent evaluation of the UK’s support to the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor (SAGCOT). Managing a team of international and national experts to measure the broader outcomes of investments in agriculture, forestry, roads and catalytic funds. The work covers designing evaluation surveys, measuring value for money, guiding project-level M&E systems over a five-year time frame and sharing lessons with partners.
Mid Term Evaluation, Transparency International
(Transparency International ) - Team Leader
Mid-term evaluation of a DFID PPA grant of the leading NGO involved in anti-corruption advocacy and research. Managed a 3 person team and presented the report to the TI management team. (July –September 2012)
Energy Efficiency Programme for Ministry of Industry, Vietnam
(Danida) - Team Leader
Danida supported consultancy to advise MOIT on monitoring, evaluation and reporting for their energy efficiency program. May 2012.
Natural Disaster Risk Preparedness and Mitigation Project, Vietnam
(World Bank) - Mission Leader and Economist for FAO
Supporting the World Bank preparation of this $180 million project that aims to support the implementation of the National Disaster Prevention, Response and Mitigation Strategy by increasing the resilience of people and assets to natural hazards in river basins in Central Vietnam. (2 missions in June and Oct ).
Joint Donor evaluation of the Agricultural Sector Development Programme, Tanzania
(FAO/World Bank) - Main Author and Deputy Team Leader
Reviewing results of first phase with a particular emphasis on donor coordination and private sector engagement.
Reviewed the overall M&E framework for a multi-donor Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) (UNOPS)
(LIFT) - Team Member
LIFT is a five year $100 million multi donor programme of assistance to the poorest regions of Myanmar, providing grant funding through non-government organisations. Provided an improved strategic direction as well as operational recommendations on the baseline, headline indicators and reporting from local partners
Nigeria Country Programme Evaluation
(IFAD) - Lead Evaluator
Leading a team IFAD to conduct a Project Preparation Assessment as well as a Country Programme Evaluation of IFAD’s loan Portfolio in Nigeria (ongoing periodic inputs January - September 2015).
M&E Training Facilitator, Uganda
(GIZ) - Facilitator
Designed and conducted 3 week long courses on behalf of GIZ and the Ugandan Evaluation Association for a group of Ugandan professional evaluators on evaluation methods including theory of change, evaluation in a conflict setting, meta evaluation, and value for money. The trainees were from parliament, ministry of finance, civil service college, consultants and universities (May and October).
IMEP Annual Review, Nigeria
(DFID) - Lead
Led an annual review for DFID of the Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Project (IMEP) covering assessment of progress against objectives and logframe and the DFID project score. (March)
Quality Review and Synthesis of Independent Evaluations
(AusAID) - Team Leader
Team leader for an extensive desk study of a set of 87 independent evaluations. The aim of the review is to improve evaluation quality and learn lessons about AusAID (now the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) aid initiatives. Designed review methods and led a three-person team to conduct the work with three outputs: the quality review, a synthesis of lessons and a final report. (May-Dec 2013)
Evaluation of Programmatic Approaches in Denmark's Environmental Assistance - Egypt, Tanzania, Zambia, Denmark
(Danida) - Team Leader
Leader of a multi country evaluation of Danida's programme approach to environmental support, including missions to Egypt, Zambia, Tanzania, as well as assessments of other African countries where support has been given (S.Africa, Mozambique and Kenya). Managed 6 person team, interacted with evaluation management group and DANIDA evaluation unit. Drafted 3 country reports, and main synthesis report.
Quality Assurance Systems for FAO
(FAO) - Management Consultant
Strengthening the FAO Investment Centre’s quality assurance and enhancement systems to help FAO meet its medium term plan on raising quality of its services. Advised on quality assurance procedures, such as setting up work screening and rating systems, reviewing quality enhancement processes prior to and after assignments.
Country Evaluation of 2004-2009 Programme, Uganda
(Irish Aid) - Team Leader
Led a team of five consultants in evaluating Irish Aid's support to Uganda and covering a range of interventions (including budget support, governance, HIV/AIDS and education) and incorporating results from field visits to Karamoja and Rwenzori.
Country Programme Evaluation, Mozambique
(DFID) - Team Leader
Repeat country programme evaluation of Mozambique for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise involved a three week country visit to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of DFID's programme over the period 2006-2009. Managed team, defined evaluation questions, drafted main report, and gave feedback to client.
Pilot Evaluation to Test Guidelines for Evaluations in Conflict Prevention and Peace building, Sri Lanka
(OECD-DAC) - Team Leader
Led a pilot evaluation on behalf of the OECD-DAC Networks on Development Evaluation and on Conflict, Peace and Development Co-operation to test Guidelines for Evaluations in Conflict Prevention and Peace building. This involved defining the scope of work, setting team responsibilities and managing a complex evaluation with a large donor community working in a highly sensitive political setting in Sri Lanka during a period of open conflict. Conducted an inception visit and the main fieldwork in Sri Lanka, drafted the report as well as edited the guidelines and preparing a separate lessons learned paper. (Oct 08- Jan 09).
Country Evaluation, Timor Leste
(Irish Aid) - Team Leader
Country evaluation of the Irish Aid programme from 2003-8. Led team of four covering support by medium sized bilateral with historic links to the new state of Timor Leste, covering a range of interventions through a volatile period under UN and national government administration. (May-July)
M&E Support, Vietnam
(SIDA) - Team Member
Assisted in design work on the Environmental Management and Land Administration Programme for SIDA. (April)
Regional Programme Evaluation, West Balkans
(DFID) - Team Leader
Leader of a sixth regional programme evaluation for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise followed standard OECD-DAC evaluation approaches and covered the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of DFID’s investments in Bosnia, Serbia, Albania and Kosovo over the period 2003-2007. Particular importance was attached to assessing DFID’s role in influencing the EC, given the importance of European integration to the region including pre-accession states in the Western Balkans as well as Turkey, and to the use of Global Conflict Prevention funds (December, 2007 – March 2008).
Country Programme Evaluation, Pakistan
(DFID) - Team Leader
Leader of a fifth country programme evaluation for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise required an assessment of DFID’s role as part of the UK Government in addressing both poverty and security concerns. The performance of the DFID country programme in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake was also reviewed. More generally, the evaluation examined the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of DFID’s investments particularly in terms of substantial budget support from 2002-2007. (October-November 2007).
Agricultural Sector Programme, Malawi
(FAO) - Programme Design Specialist
Part of an FAO Investment Centre team supporting the design of Malawi’s agricultural sector programme. Tasks included drafting a Code of conduct and liaising with development partners in the agricultural sector. (June)
Community Services Delivery Survey, Nigeria
(DFID) - Survey Specialist
Supported the design and execution of a second Community Services Delivery Survey for the State and Local Govt. Development Programme (DFID funded). The Survey obtained the views of focus groups at village and ward level on access, use and satisfaction with a range of public and private services. (January-Feb).
Country Programme Evaluation, Nepal
(DFID) - Team Leader
Leader of a fourth country programme evaluation for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise involved a three week mission to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of DFID’s investments over the period 2001-2006. Key elements included DFID’s effectiveness in working in a conflict environment (April-May 2007). Report is published at
Regional Programme Evaluation, Caribbean
(DFID) - Team Leader
Leader of a third regional programme evaluation for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise involved a three week mission to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of DFID’s investments over the period 2000-2005 in CARICOM countries especially Guyana, Jamaica and the OECS. (Nov- Dec 2006). Reports is published at
Community Services Delivery Survey, Nigeria
(DFID, World Bank and Enugu State Government) - Survey Specialist
Advised DFID, World Bank and Enugu State Govt, Nigeria, on the design and execution of a Community Services Delivery Survey. The Survey obtained the views of focus groups at village and ward level on access, use and satisfaction with a range of public and private services. (January, April and June).
Country Programme Evaluation, Mozambique
(DFID) - Team Leader
Leader of a second country programme evaluation for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise involved a two week country visit to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of DFID’s programme over the period 2000-2005 (February-March 2006). Report is published at
Evaluation of a German Government Quality Improvement Grant
(WFP) - Team Leader
Leader of an evaluation for WFP into the use of a German Government Quality Improvement Grant. The evaluation looked at how WFP had improved aspects of its management performance using the grant funds. Involved visits to Rome, Frankfurt, Johannesburg and Mozambique. (Jan-March)
1999 - 2005
Irrigation Improvement Project, Egypt
(World Bank/KfW) - M&E Support consultancy
Support for implementation of an M&E system for the World Bank/KfW funded Irrigation Improvement Project in the Delta area of Egypt.
Country Programme Evaluation, Bangladesh
(DFID) - Team Leader
Leader of a five person team undertaking a country programme evaluation for DFID’s Evaluation Department. The exercise assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of DFID’s programme over the period 2000-2005, in particular its role as one of the four leading donors, and its work on governance, livelihoods and gender (Nov-Jan 2006). Report is published at
District Agricultural Development Planning Support Programme, Tanzania
(FAO) - M&E Specialist & Economist.
Part of multi-donor team preparing a District Agricultural Development Planning support programme, with the aim of providing investment funds for locally planned agricultural services and infrastructure. Responsible for identifying and designing programme reporting and impact assessment methods using a range of tools suited to local government capacity and village planning. (2 missions: March and May).
Core Welfare Indicator Questionnaire Survey
(UNDP) - Poverty Monitoring Survey Specialist
Assisted in the testing and adaptation of a Core Welfare Indicator Questionnaire Survey (CWIQ) in the Caribbean, working with the St. Lucian Dept. of Statistics. The consultancy was funded by the UNDP, and involved training, analysis, reporting and facilitating a 2 day workshop for 9 OECS member countries (October-December).
Performance of Executive Agencies, Tanzania
(World Bank) - Team Leader, Performance Assessment
Undertook a study into the performance of Executive Agencies devolved from Government in the past 5 years, with the aim of assessing their financial, human resource and service delivery. The study, funded under a WB loan, was commissioned by the President’s Office, as part of the reform of the public sector. (November).
Agricultural Support Programme, Zambia
(SIDA) - M&E Specialist
Provided technical back for a SIDA supported Agricultural Support Programme. Reviewed the programme logframe and the Management Information and Learning System. (2 missions: August and September).
2001 - 2004
Agricultural Services Support Programme, Tanzania
(FAO/IFAD/World Bank) - M&E / Poverty Monitoring Specialist.
Part of FAO/IFAD/WB support for the formulation of an agricultural services support programme. Also joined WB supervision mission of PADEP (Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project) as M&E Expert.
Mid Term Evaluation of FAO’s Post Conflict Programme, Afghanistan
(FAO) - Evaluation Team Leader
Led a five person team to conduct a major Mid Term Evaluation of FAO’s Post Conflict Programme, covering the period from 2001-2003. The evaluation aimed to draw lessons for FAO in future post-conflict and transition situations. (Sept-Nov)
Sustainable Agricultural Development Programme for Mountain Area, Lesotho
(IFAD) - Planning, M&E Specialist
Member of an IFAD MTR team covering planning, monitoring and evaluation aspects, Sustainable Agricultural Development Programme for Mountain Areas, Mid-Term Review Mission. (February)
2001 - 2002
Improved Global Progress and Evaluation Reporting System
(World Food Programme) - Management Reporting Specialist
Engaged to assist the World Food Programme to develop, test and introduce an improved global progress and evaluation reporting system.
Palestine NGO Project
(World Bank) - Evaluation specialist
Member of World Bank appraisal team, with responsibility for preparing the evaluation procedures for the second phase of the Palestine NGO project, which aims to assist social and economic development through grants to the NGO community (April).
IFAD Evaluations - The Mudzi Financial Services Project & Smallholder Floodplains Development Programme, Malawi
(IFAD) - Team Leader
Undertook two missions as team leader for the FAO Investment Centre. The first was to conduct a project completion evaluation for an IFAD-funded rural credit project, the Mudzi Financial Services Project, and the second, a Mid Term Review for the IFAD-funded Smallholder Floodplains Development Programme. (July and October).
Pig Industry Rehabilitation Project, Bosnia and Herzegovina
(EC) - Team Leader
Led a three person team to review progress on a pig industry rehabilitation project funded by the EC in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Field visits were conducted to sites in Republika Srpska and Posavina Canton, where the technical and financial performance of genetic improvement (breeding and fattening) and AI units was assessed. (December).
Mid-Term Review of two Rural Enterprise Projects (SRLEP and DREP), St. Lucia / Dominica
(IFAD) - Mission Leader
Mid-Term Review of two Rural Enterprise Projects (SRLEP and DREP) funded by IFAD. Led a four person team reviewing these six-year projects that cover credit, marketing, production, roads and community development. Responsible for production and roads components, for team coordination and report finalisation. (October-November)
Study of Approaches to Agricultural Learning in West Africa
(IFAD) - Team Member
This medium-term thematic desk-study for IFAD aims to learn lessons from IFAD's involvement in technology dissemination and extension in the 1990s. Undertook desk-review of projects in Francophone and Anglophone West Africa. (July, Sept., Nov. – Dec.)
Palestine NGO Project
(World Bank) - Impact Evaluation Adviser
Mission to develop an impact analysis framework for the Palestine NGO project. Identify participatory and community-led approaches to monitoring NGO use of grants. (2 weeks, June).
Interim Evaluation of the Smallholder Crop Improvement and Marketing Project, St.Vincent
(IFAD) - Mission Leader
Interim Evaluation of the Smallholder Crop Improvement and Marketing Project funded by IFAD. Led a 3-person team to evaluate the impact on small farmers, exporters and government staff of this 7 year project, including a farmer survey and learning workshop (May/June).
Poverty in Sudan Review
(World Bank) - Poverty Survey Specialist
Part of a World Bank team to review available data on poverty in Sudan, and to assist the Central Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF to undertake a national sample survey of household poverty, women and child health and nutrition (2 weeks, April).
1999 - 2000
District Development Project, Uganda
(FAO) - Survey Specialist/Mission Leader
Contracted by FAO to prepare the design for a baseline survey for a six-year IFAD funded district project located in Hoima, Kibaale and Kabarole Districts in W.Uganda
Labour Market Skills Inception Workshop, South Africa
(EC) - Lead Facilitator
Coordinated an EC funded Pretoria-based workshop to establish programme plans, including work plans, logframes and SWOT analyses. Over 100 participants from labour market stakeholders took part.
Design of an M&E System for the Development Bank of Southern Africa
(DBSA) - M&E Consultant
Undertook the design, testing and training of a monitoring and evaluation system for DBSA. Built around a new computerised information system, the M&E system extended the Bank's focus on financial performance to capture the development impact of its lending. 60 senior DBSA staff were trained in the system
Evaluation of Stabex 94 Funding, Windward Islands
(EC) - Team Leader
Team leader of 3 man evaluation study into the use of EC Stabex funds (60 million Euros) in three countries (St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominica). Reviewed over 25 projects in banana support, agricultural, economic diversification and social safety nets (April - May 1999).
1998 - 1999
Evaluability Assessment of Sida’s Democracy and Human Rights programme, South Africa
(Sida) - Team Leader
Led a 4-country study that examined the possible approaches to undertaking evaluations of a sample of 30 democracy and human rights projects for the Evaluation Dept of SIDA, Sweden. (October 1998 – March 1999). Report is published at
A Study into the Institutionalisation of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
(DFID) - Team Leader
With DFID funding, the assignment was to review KARI's work in developing their PME system so far, and to recommend steps to achieve greater success in future (2 weeks, September).
Social Assessment of Banana Industry Restructuring, St. Lucia
(EC) - Team Leader
Leader of an EC sponsored study to investigate through panel and household surveys, the consequences of a contraction in the banana industry on farming families. Managed a joint team of regional and foreign consultants (8 weeks, June and August, September).
Preparation of a Social Fund M&E system, Lesotho
(World Bank) - M&E/MIS Specialist
Worked with World Bank team to design a social fund for the Ministry of Finance and Planning. Preparation of guidelines and TOR for future TA support (2 weeks, May).
Support Mission, Palawan Forestry Protection Project, Philippines
(EC) - Team Leader
Leader of mission to provide guidance on increasing sustainability of an EC-funded programme on Palawan island concerned with environmental protection based on community-led approaches. (4 weeks, March).
Education Credit Reform Project, Caracas
(World Bank) - M&E Specialist
Support mission to provide guidance on reformulation of project objectives and training on use of log-frame. Workshop at World Bank resident mission. (February).
Operational Core Services, World Bank
(World Bank) - M&E Specialist
Undertook review of M&E design in a sample of 1997 World Bank Loans and Credits. Provided guidance to Task Managers through the M&E helpdesk, part of the WB’s internal quality control service. (4 weeks in January and in July).
National Livestock Development Programme, Ethiopia
(FAO Investment Centre) - Institutional Specialist
Member of FAO Investment Centre mission to prepare a five year programme for ADB funding. Responsible for designing the management, financial control, planning, M&E and institutional support aspects. (November- December).
Operations Evaluation Dept., World Bank
(World Bank) - Evaluation Specialist
Consultancy to assist the OED to undertake ICR reviews of completed projects. (October).
Ecozone Project, Sustainable Resource Development
(FAO) - M&E Specialist
Consultancy for FAO to prepare a module describing the role of monitoring and evaluation for an environmental impact assessment training computer programme (September).
Aurora Integrated Agricultural Development Project Phase 2, Mid-Term Review, Philippines
(EC) - Team Leader
Leader of EC mission to carry out Mid-Term Review for a five year project in Aurora Province. Responsible for management and TA review, financial and institutional aspects. (June).
Southern Mindanao Agricultural Programme, Philippines
(EC) - Agricultural Economist
Member of preparation mission for undertaking the preparation of a 7 year second phase for this EC funded programme in Davao, S.Philippines. Responsible for assessing the financial and economic costs and benefits, designing the monitoring and evaluation component and preparing Terms of Reference for a further planning mission (March).
1996 - 1997
Agricultural Development Project, Estonia
(World Bank) - M&E Specialist
Contracted for a series of short periodic inputs to design and supervise the M&E system for a $30 million World Bank funded agricultural project with three main components : land reform, drainage rehabilitation and farm advisory services. (3 months input spread over two years 1996-97).
Agricultural Sector Investment Programme, Lesotho
(FAO Investment Centre) - Team Leader
Leader of a series of missions for FAO Investment Centre undertaking the preparation of a World Bank funded investment programme for Lesotho. As team leader, responsible for preparing Terms of Reference, coordinating and reviewing inputs of the team members, preparing the summary and overall structure of the programme document, writing the aide-memoires and addressing the policy and planning aspects of the programme (Sept.1 week , Nov 1996 4 weeks, Jan. 4 weeks 1997).
Africa Technical Dept, Human Resources and Poverty Division, World Bank
(World Bank) - Welfare Monitoring Survey Design Specialist
Contracted by World Bank to help develop the Core Welfare Indicator Questionnaire survey instrument. The method complements other in-depth welfare or consumption surveys sponsored by the Bank for poverty monitoring. It involves pre-coded, multiple-choice, scannable questionnaires and rapid analysis techniques to reduce data processing, analysis and reporting times. The work involved design period in Washington and field testing in Kenya with the Central Bureau of Statistics. A further input involved presenting findings at a workshop in Washington and undertaking a second pilot survey in Ghana with the Ghana Statistical Service (February-April and June-July).
Agricultural Sector Investment Programme, Zambia
(UNDP/FAO) - Management Information System (M&E) Consultant
Contracted by UNDP/FAO to undertake a review of an MIS design prepared by local consultants for the multi-funded ASIP in Ministry of Agriculture. (December).
National Estate Crop Protection Project Phase II, Indonesia
(FAO Investment Centre) - M&E Consultant
Member of Preparation Mission for the FAO Investment Centre with responsibility for Management, Management Information System and Monitoring and Evaluation Components. Assessed experience under the first project phase, and made a comparison with M&E methods in use in the Integrated Pest Management for Rice project. Developed proposals to step up the use of participatory methods of project evaluation in the Directorate General of Estate Crops. Field work undertaken in Lombok, Bali, North Sumatra and D.I.Yogyakarta. (July and Sept.).
Root and Tuber Expansion Programme, Nigeria
(FAO Investment Centre ) - Management and Institutions Specialist
Member of Preparation Mission for FAO Investment Centre to prepare the Programme Management, MIS and M&E Components. Visited ten states in South West, South East and the Middle Belt of Nigeria and assessed the current performance and future role of M&E Units in State ADPs and in the federal agencies responsible for agricultural project monitoring and evaluation (FACU, APMEU) (May-June).
Sichuan Integrated Agricultural Development Project
(IFAD/WFP ) - Socio-Economist
Member of IFAD/WFP Identification team for a joint-funded project in 11 counties of East and North Sichuan Province; responsible for assessing poverty-focus including the involvement of women, preparing preliminary production models and cost tables using Farmod and Costab, and for drafting the Mission Report (March-April).
Land and Agriculture Policy Centre, South Africa
(Danida) - M&E Consultant
DANIDA-funded mission to provide a critique of the M&E design prepared by the LAPC to measure the impact of the national land reform programme in South Africa (February).
Smallholder Crop Improvement and Marketing Project, E.Caribbean
(IFAD) - Supervision Consultancy
Undertook a review mission on behalf of IFAD to assess the implementation progress of the project and to recommend measures to tackle problems with regard to management effectiveness (January).
Evaluation of Orange Hill Development Project and Re-Design of Mt.Wynne/Peter's Hope Land Reform Project, E.Caribbean
(CEC) - Team Leader
Leader of a four person team to (i) conduct an ex-post evaluation of CEC/ODA/CDB funded land resettlement project at Orange Hill and (ii) to prepare a re-design of Peter's Hope/Mt. Wynne resettlement project on behalf of CEC, Brussels. The re-design exercise incorporated lessons from Orange Hill. Co-ordinated the agricultural engineer, sociologist and marketing specialist inputs, and identified and hired a local agronomist. Prepared interim and final reports, incorporating team inputs. Using Farmod and Costab, prepared costs tables and financial and economic analysis. Assembled final report and presented findings in Brussels (October - December).
Ex-Post Evaluation Mission, North West Frontier Province, Pakistan
(CEC) - Team Leader/Agricultural Economist
Leader of three-person team for CEC to evaluate performance of EC/GOP funded multi-component rural development project. Co-ordinated inputs of the sociologist and the agronomist. The project aimed to assist former-poppy producers in Buner District to expand their production base (through irrigation, forestry, extension, research etc.), and to provide essential infrastructural improvements including water supply and roads (July-August).
IFAD Appraisal Mission, Qinghai Hainan Prefecture Agric. Dev. Project, China
(IFAD) - Economist
Member of IFAD team appraising the first foreign-aided agricultural project in Qinghai province in western China. As economist, responsible for appraising the financial and economic models for all project components including livestock, agriculture, rural industry and irrigation. Prepared the financing plan and project costs using the WB/FAO COSTAB programme. Conducted the overall financial and economic analysis for the project and reviewed marketing arrangements. Assisted in the final editing of the report (May-July).
Mid Term Review, EDF funded Agricultural Credit Line, Principal Bank for Agricultural Development and Credit, Egypt
(CEC) - Team Leader/Ag. Economist
Leader of a two-man team for CEC to assess lending performance and the impact of credit activities on beneficiaries of an EC-funded Credit Line within Egypt's major rural credit bank. Reviewed the effects of the national economic reform programme on PBDAC, current government and donor policy on agriculture, and the performance of the EC credit project and the technical assistance team (March-April).
EDF Project Preparation, Agricultural Services Support Programme, Ministry of Agriculture, Jamaica
(CEC) - Team Leader
Leader of an CEC team responsible for identifying, preparing, appraising and presenting a range of agricultural services projects for funding under Lome IV, following EDF procedures. Prepared detailed implementation plans for the Yallahs-Morant Watershed Project, including agricultural extension, reforestation, environmental protection, land reform, small livestock development, assistance for marketing and women's projects. Specified the financing plan, technical assistance requirements and the monitoring and evaluation framework. Co-ordination of the work of national consultant. (April-Sept.).
Preparation of Environmental Guidelines Project, DGWRD, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia
(World Bank) - Environmental Impact Consultant
Assistance with the preparation of environmental guidelines for Irrigation and Swamp Development within the Directorate of Water Resources Development, funded by World Bank under the Second Irrigation Sub-Sector Loan. (February-March 1993).
1992 - 1993
Mid-Term Review, North East Arid Zone Development Programme, Borno State
(CEC) - Team Leader
Leader of a 7 man team CEC team fielded to conduct a statutory Mid-Term review of progress and to draw up a financing plan for the remainder of the funding period. Funded under Lome III, the EDF programme focused on the development of village-level micro-projects covering water, agriculture, health and education. Key aspects assessed were achievements concerning environmental conservation, community participation, and technology generation. As team leader, responsible for task assignment, study co-ordination, review of programme management and organisation, overall report preparation and presentation to EC Delegation and concerned departments in DG-8 (Nov.-Dec.; Jan.-Feb. 1993).
South West Region Agricultural Rehabilitation Project, Uganda
(World Bank/IFAD) - Evaluation Consultant
Analysis and Write-up of Baseline survey for World Bank/IFAD funded regional project (see mission in 1987) (Sept.-Oct.).
Appraisal Mission, Agricultural Services Project, Malawi
(World Bank) - Team Member
Member of World Bank appraisal team for a seven year agricultural services program (1993-2000). Responsible for reviewing existing monitoring and evaluation activities in the Min. of Agriculture, highlighting issues and preparing a framework including indicators and information collection systems for M&E under the program. Under the Sector Adjustment Credit (IDA) prepared guidelines for monitoring pilot interventions targeted at drought-affected communities and other resource poor groups. (June-July).
Evaluation Study, Madura Groundwater Irrigation Project, Indonesia
(ODA) - Team Leader
ODA evaluation of Madura Groundwater Irrigation Project, E.Java. Responsible for co-ordinating team member inputs and the overall preparation of a study into the environmental, economic and social impact of 20 year tubewell project in E.Java, Indonesia (April-May).
Managing Rural Development, Wye College, University of London
(Wye College) - Course Leaser
Leader of the short-course on project management and information systems for overseas professionals at Wye College (Jan.-March).
1990 - 1991
Directorate of Irrigation, Nepal
(ILO/World Bank) - Socio-Economist
Consultancy to (i) design and review socio economic survey programme and (ii) devise economic evaluation criteria for ILO and World Bank funded hill irrigation projects.
1990 - 1991
Agricultural Rehabilitation and Diversification Project, Ministry of Finance and Planning, St. Vincent & Grenadines
(World Bank) - Team Leader
World Bank funded land reform project with responsibility for developing crop diversification models, advising on land rental charges, and assisting in the screening and selection of settlers
EEC Preparation Study, St. Vincent & Grenadines
(EEC) - Team Leader
Preparation Study for Third Phase of Land Reform Programme (Mt. Wynne and Peter’s Hope Estates). Co-ordinated and edited inputs from other team members (covering engineering, agriculture and sociology) and conducted financial and economic analysis (Sept.-Nov.).
Agricultural Project Management Course
(Wye College) - Course Tutor
Course instructor for Agricultural Project Management course for overseas professionals (March).
Ministry of Agriculture, S. Sulawesi
(FAO) - Training Co-Ordinator
Co-ordinator for FAO-funded training course on Data Collection for Monitoring and Evaluation of agricultural projects held at Ujung Padang, South Sulawesi for Ministry of Agriculture Staff (December).
Ministry of Economic Planning, Uganda
(ILO) - Agricultural Economist
Member of ILO mission to prepare four year infrastructure development and community participation project in Mpigi District. Responsible for agricultural development strategy and project identification (November).
Data Collection Methods Course
(Wye College) - Course Tutor
Course tutor on data collection methods course for overseas professionals (September).
1988 - 1989
Department of Planning and Programming, Dir. Gen. of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works, Jakarta
(World Bank) - Team Leader
Team Leader responsible for development of MIS and M&E under the Second World Bank Irrigation Sub Sector Loan. Leader of an 11 man team of consultants working in eight provinces. Tasks included the establishment of the provincial irrigation service M&E Units, and conducting seasonal crop surveys. An operational manual and 3 year action plan were prepared. The MIS task was to design and install a provincial information system for contract, project and loan execution within the DGWRD. System manuals and design reports were prepared. Other responsibilities included contract administration, project proposal preparation, and training. (June 1988 May 1989).
Appraisal Mission, Peasant Agricultural Development Programme, Addis Ababa
(World Bank) - Team Member
Member of World Bank Appraisal Mission with responsibility for the design of the Monitoring and Evaluation component (April).
North West Region Agricultural Development Project, Hargeisa
(World Bank) - Consultant
Consultancy to assist in survey analysis and to design the 1988 survey programme for the effects of project interventions on crop production (January). Followed by Agricultural Farm Management and Extension Training Project, Afgoi, (March).
Overseas Professionals course for Agricultural Project Managers
(Danish Land School) - Course Tutor
M&E Tutor on Overseas Professionals course for Agricultural Project Managers run by the Danish Land School on Odense (February
Central Bureau of Statistics
(World Bank/FAO/UNICEF ) - Survey Consultant
Consultancy to provide support and training for a joint World Bank/FAO/UNICEF study on yield estimation methodology. The study compared farmer estimation of anticipated and achieved yields with standard crop cutting methods in 5 countries, and produced convincing evidence that under the conditions of the test, farmers estimates were generally more accurate than the crop-cut method (July).
North West Region Agricultural Development Project, Hargeisa
(World Bank) - M&E Design
Consultancy to provide support and training for a joint World Bank/FAO/UNICEF study on yield estimation methodology. The study compared farmer estimation of anticipated and achieved yields with standard crop cutting methods in 5 countries, and produced convincing evidence that under the conditions of the test, farmers estimates were generally more accurate than the crop-cut method (July).
Appraisal Mission, South West Region Development Project
(World Bank) - M&E Consultant
Member of World Bank Appraisal Mission with responsibility for the design of the Monitoring and Evaluation component in the project (May June).
Agricultural Bank of Sudan, Khartoum
(World Bank) - MIS/M&E Design Consultant
World Bank Consultancy to undertake Monitoring and Evaluation and Management Information System (MIS) design for agricultural credit programmes. The first input established a limited financial monitoring system to measure lending and repayment performance, and designed a survey to evaluate ABS credit in the poultry sector. The second input broadened the monitoring and management information system to cover the national network of Bank branches and other ABS operations. Guidelines were also prepared for ABS to carry out internal evaluation studies (February March and Oct. - Nov.).
Left Bank Outfall Drain Project Stage 1, Govt. of Sind
(World Bank) - M&E Design
Member of preparation team undertaking impact evaluation workplan for a World Bank ten year drainage and irrigation project in the Lower Indus Basin. Responsible for data review, field survey implementation, and micro computer training (Nov. Dec.).
Monitoring & Evaluation Course
(Overseas Development Group, UEA) - Course Tutor
Presented part of the computer applications component of the Monitoring and Evaluation Course for professional planners from overseas (Sept.).
Federal Agricultural Co-ordinating Unit, Ibadan
(World Bank) - Financial Analyst
Consultancy for World Bank as Financial Analyst on the Gongola State ADP Project Preparation Team. Assembled the physical and economic data for the various project components; derived the necessary economic and financial prices, costs and returns; compiled the tables for the main report and annexes and produced a cost benefit model and sensitivity analysis (June Oct.).
Agricultural Farm Management and Extension Training Project, Afgoi
(World Bank) - M&E Design
Through World Bank funding, prepared an Extension Impact Study covering the first five years of AFMET’s project life. Designed and implemented Annual Work Plan and Budget system, including selection of key indicators, tables and measures of cost effectiveness. Revised existing crop cutting surveys. Trained M&E staff in survey methods. Prepared proposals for M&E activities in second five year phase of project (Nov. Feb.).
Volta Region Agricultural Development Programme, Ho, Ghana
(World Bank) - M&E Consultant
World Bank funded Monitoring and Evaluation Consultancy for 3 months (two inputs). Review of M&E survey programme. Supervision of Unit while local staff on UK training. Select and install micro computer facility. Design, analyse and report current farm surveys (Oct.).
Water and Energy Commission, Dept. of Irrigation, Ministry of Water Resources, Kathmandu
(CIDA) - Rural Survey Design Consultant
CIDA funded 1 month Irrigation Survey Design Consultancy. Train irrigation staff and implement survey on irrigated rice and wheat production. Advise on questionnaire design and sampling procedures (Sept.).
1981 - 1984
Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme, Bauchi, Nigeria
(World Bank/Nigerian Government) - Evaluation Officer
Senior Evaluation Officer responsible for monitoring the progress of the five year joint World Bank Nigerian Government funded programme, and for evaluating the impact of project activities on agricultural production. A wide range of farmer surveys were designed, supervised and analysed covering rain fed and irrigated crop production, livestock, household consumption, crop prices and agricultural extension. 1983 Appointed Fadama Co-ordinator responsible for shallow tubewell production and engine pump distribution, establishing and training a team of small scale irrigation specialists, and co-ordinating the dry season extension programme.
1979 - 1981
Voluntary Service Overseas, London.
(VSO) - East Africa Desk Officer and Agricultural Recruitment Officer
Responsible for the selection, training and posting of volunteers for two years service overseas. Tours of E.Africa visiting VSO projects, Government ministries, Aid officials and Voluntary Agencies.
1978 - 1979
Ph.D. Thesis Analysis and Writing
(School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) - Tutorial Assistant
Ph.D. thesis analysis and writing. Thesis topic: Agricultural Extension and the Small holder in S.E.Nigeria. Fieldwork was undertaken from 1976 78 in Cross River State, Nigeria, and involved working with extension field staff and farmers to study government policies designed to encourage an expansion of small holder cocoa and oil palm cultivation.
1976 - 1978
Quantitative techniques, Agricultural Geography, Transport and Planning Coursea
(University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria) - Lecturer
Lecturer teaching courses in Quantitative techniques, Agricultural Geography, Transport and Planning. Conducted field work for Ph.D.


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