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Helio Liumba

Helio Liumba is a Senior Project Officer within our Project Management Unit (PMU). He joined Itad in the spring of 2019. He works with consultants and technical experts to enable successful project delivery. Helio also supports project management through project and contract administration as well as other logistical aspects.

Helio also has line management and business improvement responsibilities, which involve mentoring and supporting the development of staff and driving excellence in the PMU through championing incremental change of processes and systems.

With 11 years’ experience in project delivery, and more recently in contracts management and project administration, Helio is in a strong position to meet the challenges of the complex international projects delivered by Itad, particularly when it comes to risk assessment and project planning. He has been involved in international development for many years through his volunteering work in mental health and HIV, as well as aid and environmental projects in Angola. Through this work, he has witnessed first hand the significant positive impacts of effective international development programmes.

Helio holds a Masters and Bachelors’ degree from the University of Southampton in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, with a strong focus on climate change and flood protection of vulnerable communities abroad and in the UK.