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Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith is the Head of Project Management and joined the business in December 2016. Christopher leads Itad’s Project Management Unit and has overall accountability for its positioning as a centre of excellence for all project management activities.

Christopher is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, and Associate Member of the Association of Project Managers. He gains a lot of energy from his senior leadership role, which in turn provides a positive input to his Project Management Unit. He has experience of improving the quality, financial and programme deliverables for clients over the last 16 years. Christopher thrives on creativity and working with others to deliver strategic objectives effectively that also ultimately improves the skills and personal development of every member of his team.

Christopher is also passionate about reducing risk for communities and businesses by working together to co-create and collaborate on projects that deliver multiple objectives. Christopher has a strong technical background in managing UK and international climate, flood and coastal erosion risk projects. He has delivered truly sustainable outcomes for a wide variety of private companies and public organisations by developing financial models, sound business cases, and built asset scheme developments.