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Adam Kessler

Adam Kessler is the Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) Lead at Enterprise Partners, a market systems programmes in Ethiopia focusing on creating jobs and incomes through industrial growth.

Previously he worked as an MRM consultant for the DCED, TradeMark East Africa, Business Innovation Facility, and African Enterprise Challenge Fund, among others. He set up an online MRM training course at DevLearn which trained over 200 people.

Adam has edited and written a number of publications including guidance on measuring results in challenge funds, guidance on selecting sample sizes, and why evaluations fail: the importance of good monitoring.

Nationality: British
Languages: English (Mother Tongue)
Country Experience:

Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe


2015 - ongoing
MA by research, the effect of industrialisation on the wider Ethiopian economy
University of Leicester, England
BA Philosophy and Experimental Psychology
Cambridge University, England


2015 - 2017
Designed, marketed, and delivered online training course on results measurement using the DCED Standard. See website at Course was taken by approximately 200 participants over 4 cohorts.
2012 - 2016
Results Measurement Consultant

2011 - 2012
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Humanitarian Leadership and Development Programme
Save the Children UK

2010 - 2011
Project Officer
Project Harar

2009 - 2010
Student Support Intern
The Humanitarian Centre


Advanced training in Monitoring and Results Measurement
Computing for Data Analysis and Data Analysis
Emergency Operations Programme
Monitoring and Evaluating in Ethiopia
SCI Global Indicators
Logical Frameworks in International Development and Monitoring and Evaluation
Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Project Experience:

2016 - ongoing
Enterprise Partners, Ethiopia
(DFID) - Monitoring and Results Measurement Lead
Member of senior management team at Enterprise Partners, a DFID-funded private sector development programme in Ethiopia. Recruited and managed a four person monitoring team. Supported the team to design and conduct surveys, analyse data, and ensure that data is used for management decision making and reporting. Developed dashboards, value for money reports, quarterly output reports, and led on annual reviews, logframe design and finalisation. Took on the management of gender and green growth advisors, integrated into monitoring team and supported the development of relevant interventions.
2013 - 2016
Business Innovation Facility
(DFID) - Head of Global Monitoring and Evaluation
Responsible for all aspects of monitoring and evaluation including system design, data collection, and management. Supervised four person M&E team based in UK, Myanmar, Nigeria and Malawi.
2013 - 2016
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
(DCED) - Results Measurement Consultant
Supported the use of the DCED Standard for Results Measurement, a practical framework for monitoring and managing results. Redeveloped website and updated guidance, conducted webinars and training in the UK and Kenya, and developed guidance for using the DCED Standard in Challenge Funds, systemic approaches, and evaluations.
2014 - 2015
Independent Commission for Aid Impact
(ICAI) - Results Measurement Consultant
Team member for reviews of DFID’s nutrition portfolio and DFID’s approach to impact.
Evaluation of FoodTrade East & Southern Africa
(DFID) - Results Measurement Consultant
Contributed to inception report for evaluation of FoodTrade, a large M4P programme which aims to improve the functioning of staple food market systems in East and Southern Africa.
African Enterprise Challenge Fund
(African Enterprise Challenge Fund) - Results Measurement Consultant
Supported AECF M&E team, covering a portfolio of over 200 grants to businesses. Created a matrix for prioritising projects for results measurement, revised manual and delivered training to staff and partners on the monitoring system. Conducted a pre-audit review of the use of the DCED Standard in AECF Zimbabwe.
2012 - 2013
Monitoring and evaluation support to TradeMark East Africa
(TradeMark East Africa) - Results Measurement Consultant
Worked with multi-million dollar private sector development projects to improve their results measurement. These included complex programmes to improve the business enabling environment, develop infrastructure, and streamline trade processes. Wrote guidelines to provide an accessible introduction to the results measurement system.
2012 - 2013
Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
(DCED) - Results Measurement Consultant
Developed guidelines for implementing the DCED Standard in conflict-affected areas. Conducted field visits to write supplementary case studies on monitoring and evaluation systems in Somalia and Sierra Leone. The guidelines are a "must-have for anyone looking for tools to implement PSD programmes in conflict-affected areas", Enterprise Development and Microfinance Journal, June 2013.
Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa
(Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa) - Results Measurement Consultant
Developed monitoring and evaluation framework for EISA, a democracy promotion institute in South Africa.


  • Practical advice for selecting sample sizes (2015)
    Adam Kessler and Will Fairbairn

  • Why Evaluations Fail: The Importance of Good Monitoring (2014)
    Adam Kessler and Jim Tanburn

  • Assessing Systemic Change: Implementation Guidelines for the DCED Standard (2014)
    Adam Kessler

  • The 2014 Reader on Results Measurement: Current thinking on the DCED Standard (2014)
    Adam Kessler (editor)

  • Measuring Results in Challenge Funds: Practical Guidelines (2013)
    Adam Kessler

  • Measuring Achievements in Private Sector Development in Conflict Affected Environments: Practical Guidelines. Version II (2013)
    Ben Fowler and Adam Kessler

  • Measuring Results of Private Sector Development in Conflict-Affected Environments: A Case Study of the Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Programme in Somalia (2013)
    Adam Kessler

  • Measuring Results of Private Sector Development in Conflict-Affected Environments: A Case Study of the Employment Promotion Programme in Sierra Leone (2013)
    Adam Kessler

  • DCED Guides to Results Chains/Measuring Indicators/ Tracking Programme Costs/Managing the System for Results Measurement (2013)
    Adam Kessler with Nabanita Sen

  • TradeMark East Africa, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Guidelines (2012)
    TradeMark East Africa
    Adam Kessler