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Abrehet Gebremedhin

Abrehet Gebremedhin is a consultant in Itad’s Education theme. With over 5 years of experience in international development consultancy and research, she works primarily on education in girl- and child-centered evaluations.

Abrehet is currently managing Itad’s project for the Global Partnership for Education Secretariat conducting a series of prospective country evaluations and is the Deputy Team Leader on the Girls’ Education Portfolio Evaluation for Dubai Cares. In addition, she is working on the Process Evaluation of Adolescents 360 in Ethiopia. Prior to joining Itad, Abrehet led the evaluation development team at an East African M&E firm, specifically technical design and strategy of large-scale M&E and research projects across Sub-Saharan Africa. She also provided technical guidance and quality assurance on M&E reports, primarily on girls’ education and services for children.

Abrehet has worked as an independent grant writer in the design of projects centred around youth and girls. Her work as an independent researcher, focused on educational policy on development outcomes, includes authoring publications and white papers on educational rhetoric, displacement and school-aged children. She holds an MA and a BA in International Development from the University of Denver. She is fluent in English, Tigrinya and Spanish and has intermediate knowledge of Amharic.

Nationality: American
Languages: English (mother tongue), Spanish and Tigrinya (advanced), Amharic (beginner)
Country Experience:

Ethiopia, Kenya, Spain, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States


2012 - 2014
MA in International Development
Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, USA
2009 - 2013
BA in International Studies and Spanish
University of Denver, USA


2019 - present
Itad Ltd.

2017 - 2018
Business Development Officer
Itad Ltd.

2016 - 2017
M&E Programme Development Manager
JaRco Consulting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2014 - 2016
M&E Programme Development Officer
JaRco Consulting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Research Assistant
Humanitarian Assistance Applied Research Group, Denver, Colorado, US

Centre for Creative Leadership, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Kampala, Uganda

UNESCO Etxea, Bilbao, Spain

Project Experience:

2019 - ongoing
Evaluation of the Global Partnership for Education – 2017-2020 Prospective Country Evaluations
(Global Partnership for Education Secretariat ) - Project Manager & Evaluator
The Global Partnership for Education (GPE), formerly the Education for All Fast-Track Initiative, is a multi-stakeholder partnership focused on supporting and financing education in low and lower middle-income countries, contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal on Education (SDG 4). Itad co-leads a consortium delivering a linked set of evaluation studies that explore how well GPE outputs and activities contribute to outcomes and impact at the country-level.

Activities: Responsible for supporting the overall technical direction of eight progressive country evaluations and project management, including: (i) liaising with the client as part of the evaluation technical group, (ii) ensuring work plans are delivered on time and to budget, (iii) conducting two country evaluations in Ethiopia and Malawi, (iii) report writing, (iv) reporting to the Board of the GPE on progress and findings (with the Team Leader) and (v) ensuring Itad’s quality assurance across deliverables.

2019 - ongoing
Evaluation of Adolescents 360
(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Children’s Investment Fund Foundation) - Evaluator
Adolescents 360 (A360) is a $30 million programme jointly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation to encourage modern contraceptive use and reduce unplanned pregnancy among young girls aged between 15-19 in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Nigeria. The A360 programme is being implemented by a Population Services International (PSI)-led consortium and aims to identify youth-driven solutions through user-centred design processes and market segmentation to increase both demand for, and access to, a full range of quality, voluntary contraceptive services among adolescent girls in the three countries. Itad, in partnership with the LSHTM and Avenir Health, is responsible to independently evaluate and distil lessons from the A360 programme. The evaluation is comprised of four components: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis – led by Avenir Health; an Outcome Evaluation – led by LSHTM; a Process Evaluation – led by Itad; and an Engagement and Research Uptake Strategy – led by Itad.
Evaluation of School Feeding Programme Modalities in Lesotho
(World Food Programme ) - Lead Technical Proposal Writer and Researcher
The evaluation assessed the three models and the school feeding programming’s contributions to development objectives; this includes social protection, employment creation, poverty reduction and nutrition.

Activities: Abrehet led the technical design of the proposal and approach to the process evaluation; selected and coordinated external team members; managed the initial evaluation budget and liaised with the key stakeholders and client in the WFP Office of Evaluation based in Rome. She also contributed to a literature review in the inception phase and developed subsequent report outlines for team input.

2016 - 2017
Endline Evaluation of DFID GEC’s Pastoralist Afar Girls’ Education Support Project
(DFID Ethiopia and Save the Children ) - Researcher
Independent Monitoring and Evaluation for the five-year Pastoralist Afar Girls’ Education Support Project (PAGES), a project being funded by DFID/Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) and implemented by Save the Children and other partners. The evaluation included the development of the M&E Framework, the undertaking of baseline, midline and endline evaluations (applying EGRA and EGMA tools) and conducting regular reporting on the project’s progress.

Activities included coordinating the quantitative household survey on the endline, providing research inputs and quality assured/coordinated the inputs of external consultants and implementing changes in report based on client’s comments.

Baseline Survey of Girl Effect Ethiopia’s Safe Space Pilot Programme
(Girl Effect Ethiopia/DFID) - Lead Technical Proposal Writer
A new safe spaces programme is being developed by the Government of Ethiopia to support adolescent girls, aged 11-14 years old which will equip them with personal, social, health, safety, education and financial outcomes - building girls’ confidence, agency, skills and knowledge as they progress through adolescence.

Abrehet designed the survey methodology and approach, supported qualitative tool development and training of quantitative enumerators for the household survey; worked in close collaboration with senior statisticians to design the sampling approach and frame, conducted qualitative interviews in the field; supported analysis and report writing; coordinated inputs of external consultants; liaised closely with the client in budget negotiations and coordinated submission of quality-assured deliverables.

M&E Services for the End Child Marriage Programme
(UNICEF Ethiopia ) - Lead Technical Proposal Writer
Design of an M&E system to monitor the progress of the End Children Marriage programme over its 5-year duration – including monitoring every six months and base, mid and endline evaluations. The project is designed to measure qualitative and quantitative indicators related to early marriage, and explore changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices among the communities living in the Amhara region.

Activities: Led the design of the technical and financial proposal; selected and coordinated the team of external consultants; worked closely with external and internal team members during contract negotiation and inception period with the client.

White Papers on the challenges of addressing disaster-induced urban displacement in the Philippines and El Salvador
(Norwegian Refugee Council ) - Research Assistant
The briefing papers present key findings of research into how to better protect people displaced by disasters and how to improve disaster management in urban areas of the Philippines and El Salvador. Intended to support the Nansen Initiative, these twin studies are part of a research project commissioned by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) – entitled ‘Urbanisation, disasters and displacement in Central America and Southeast Asia’ – which combines a global desk study with country studies on the Philippines and El Salvador. It explores challenges related to protection of the displaced and disaster management in urban areas before, during and after disasters and how humanitarian actors address them in policy and practice.


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