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World Food Programme – Review of the German Quality Improvement Grant

Itad, contracted by the World Food Programme (WFP) reviewed the strategic relevance of the Grant; its effectiveness and impact on country office operations.


The German Quality Improvement Grant (GQIG) was part of Germany’s multilateral contribution to development. From 1998-2005, over US$ 7.6 million (about US$ 1.1 million per year) was earmarked for this grant, which sought to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of World Food Programme’s (WFP) operations related to development and recovery.

The GQIG supported technical assistance (TA) targeted towards WFP Country Offices and Regional Bureaus to build the capacity of national governments to continue with national food security programmes when WFP was phasing down or out. Other activities funded through this grant traditionally included cross-cutting issues such as monitoring and evaluation. The Review was used to inform future German Government funding through the grant, as well as highlight areas for improving the strategic alignment and management within WFP.

Image © Peter Casier/World Food Programme


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