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Supporting Inclusive Growth in Somalia

We are laying the MEL foundation for FCDO’s flagship economic development programme and supporting adaptive management integration into the core programme design.


The challenge

Somalia is one of the world’s poorest and most fragile states and one of the most challenging operating environments. It sits at the bottom of most development league tables, with widespread poverty and inequality, very low human development indicators, endemic gender-based violence and discrimination, a persistent humanitarian crisis, very high rates of environmental degradation, extreme vulnerability to climate change, a weak productive economy and a tiny public purse.

The private sector has significant potential to generate increased prosperity for Somalia and mitigate further conflict. Somalia needs to mobilise greater investment in the business sector to grow. The Supporting Inclusive Growth In Somalia (SIGS) programme will strengthen Somalia’s financial links with the rest of the world, support the business sectors’ efforts to diversify into higher-value activities and build the skills/implementation capacity of Somalia’s government to provide an environment supportive of business growth.

The SIGS programme (£38m, 2020 – 2027) is the UK’s flagship economic development programme in Somalia. It has a strong focus on promoting climate adaptation and resilience, as well as providing access to finance, including remittances, and accelerated support to key micro- small and-medium sized enterprise (MSME) sectors, including domestic food production and marketing.

Our role

Itad has been appointed to promote the basis of adaptive management of SIGS and accountability to the ICF through a robust MEL approach. Itad will lay the MEL foundations to support the adaptive management of SIGS and its components that are adopting a Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA) approach.

Our Approach

This will include three main components:

  • Tailoring of the transformational change concept to SIGS
  • Advice and guidance on the MEL approach for output 1: Kayd
  • Developing a practical MEL approach for output 2: Gargaara

Through this support, we will ensure that all SIGS’ interventions are outcome-focused, problem-driven and must respond and adapt to changes in context, as well as the results of any evidence generated during design and implementation.

Team members