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Promoting inclusive and fair climate action in cities around the world

Strategy, monitoring, evaluation, and lesson learning support for Porticus's Fair Urban Transitions programme.


Porticus is a private philanthropic organisation that aims to create a just and sustainable future where human dignity flourishes.

The Fair Urban Transition Programme is part of the Porticus Purposeful Transition Portfolio. The portfolio focuses on partnerships that promote inclusive and fair climate action in cities around the world, with a particular focus on Madrid and Bengaluru. The programme is developed together with regional colleagues in Asia and Europe and has both global and local partners.

The overall goal of the Fair Urban Transition Programme is to support cities to transition to a regenerative, post-carbon economy in a way that has a positive impact on the lives of marginalised groups and those who are currently underrepresented in climate change policy. Key to the programme is working with citizens and grassroots organizations to ensure that policies are developed fairly and inclusively and that they lead to a fairer transition.

Our role

Itad has been contracted as the programme’s Strategy, Monitoring, Evaluation and Lessons Learning (SMELL) partner, to support programme implementation through the generation of agile, evidence-based insights and impact evaluation.

The vision for Itad’s SMELL partnership with Porticus is to accompany the programme partners in their journey to learn how to achieve effective and inclusive change in cities. In particular, Itad will help generate and share learning and evidence with all the programme partners.

Itad is also the SMELL partner for the Porticus Fair Rural Transitions programme.


Team members
Talar Bogosyan James Robinson