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Preparation of a Training Programme on Budgeting in Angola

Itad, contracted by DFID, assessed a training programme on budgeting to ensure the Government of Angola improved overall performances of their expenditures.


Our role

Itad was contracted by DFID to assess the training programme on budgeting in Angola. More specifically, it focused on the training needs of the target population; determining the potential number of the target population; establishing the content and the schedule of the courses; proposing the required number and qualifications of the resource persons; proposing the support material for the training and assessing the risks of external factors which would have meant participants would be unable to put their training into practice and evaluate the costs involved.

The Government of Angola sought to improve the overall performance of its expenditures, which entailed, along with other aspects, the reform of the budget. One of the domains of the reform was the establishment of a Performance Budgeting System.

Image © Angola, Africa. 1008. Photo Credit: Kaysha.