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Monitoring and Evaluation of Denmark-Myanmar Country Programme


Since 2011, Denmark has steadily expanded its diplomatic, political, commercial and development cooperation with Myanmar, leading to Myanmar becoming a priority country for Danish development cooperation and the opening of an embassy in Yangon in 2014. The Myanmar Country Programme (2016 – 2020) was established to support the transition process, aiming to contribute to a peaceful and more democratic Myanmar with equitable, sustainable and inclusive growth that promotes human rights for all people.

Our role

Itad has been contracted by Danida to establish a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the current Denmark–Myanmar Country Programme. The Country Programme consists of seven primary development engagements covering three thematic areas,

  • peace, rule of law and human rights
  • access to basic education
  • inclusive and sustainable economic growth

We are assisting the Embassy of Denmark and its implementing partners to assess the progress and performance of the Country Programme with the purpose of maintaining high implementation effectiveness and efficiency as well as learning and dissemination of results.

Our approach

Itad has assembled a team of M&E consultants with support from a pool of technical experts to synthesise data across the development engagements. We are working closely with the embassy in Myanmar and partners to ensure that Itad provides the input needed to ensure results frameworks are supporting results-based management (RBM) and risk management for the duration of the Country Programme.

We are employing an adaptive and flexible approach based on rolling assessments, where we are focusing on a number of key focal development engagement partners and will provide concentrated technical assistance and capacity support to Danida so as to build learning and capacity within the Country Programme.

Image © Pagoda. Photo Credit: Francisco Anzola.

Team members
Greg Gleed