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How can Foundations work with governments for agricultural change?

We are generating lessons on the best ways to work with governments as we evaluate how successful the Tony Blair Institute and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa’s partnership is.


Client: Tony Blair Institute
Countries: Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria

The Tony Blair Institute (TBI) and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) Partnership on Catalysing Agricultural Transformation aims to accelerate efforts to strengthen government capacity for agricultural transformation.

The partnership supports coordination, investment promotion and the delivery capacity in strategic parts of Governments (such as Ministries of Agriculture and Finance and in the Centre of Government) in Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria.

The TBI is also providing central-level support to AGRA to:

  • Improve its flagship project delivery
  • Facilitate investment promotion
  • Promote joint learning
  • Mobilize resources for the three programme priority countries and beyond

Our independent evaluation will deliver feedback to the Partnership at a critical point – as first phase is coming to an end – to facilitate its success going forward.

Our role

Our evaluation has three core objectives. They are as follows:

  1. To assess how effective the partnership’s work has been across Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria, as well as the central-level support given to AGRA.
  2. To provide emerging lessons on best ways to work with governments to leverage political momentum and align with partners’ objectives.
  3. To support and inform the Partnership’s monitoring, evaluation and learning process to strengthen the delivery of outputs and outcomes for agricultural transformation.

In addition, evidence and lessons learned from this Partnership will also provide recommendations to the wider sector to inform and strengthen the design of similar interventions in the future.

Team members
Ethel Sibanda