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Global Evaluation for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Itad led an evaluation on the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, for interested donors to inform their decisions about possible future funding.


The International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance) is an innovative global partnership of nationally based, independent civil society organisations that work together to mobilise communities against HIV and AIDS. Its mission is to support community action on HIV, health and human rights to end AIDS.

Established in 1993, the Alliance is one of the largest HIV/AIDS-focused community development organisation globally and has become established as a leading player in the global response to the epidemic.

The evaluation

The evaluation was commissioned by the Alliance Secretariat (based in Brighton, UK) in response to interest from donors (in particular NORAD, SIDA, DFID and USAID) in gathering evidence to inform their decisions about possible future funding for the Alliance. The evaluation focused on two questions: Is the Alliance’s approach and strategy appropriate for it to meet its mission? And how effectively is the Alliance conducting its operations? The evaluation involved case study visits to Cambodia, India, Senegal and Ecuador and was led by an Itad Director with two other core team members and a national consultant in each of the case study countries.

How the results were used

The evaluation results were used both to inform the development of the next strategy for the Alliance (which resulted in the rapid scale-up of Alliance programming) and to help improve operational systems – in particular the establishment of a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system and database.

Image © Cambodia – working in the rice paddies. Photo Credit: Keith Evans/DFAT on Flickr (shared under CC BY 2.0 license
Team members