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Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund – Support to Strategy Implementation Plan


2017-2018; GCERF; Switzerland

The Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) is a multi-stakeholder global fund that works with local partners to strengthen community resilience to violent extremism.

GCERF’s Strategy to Engage Communities and Address the Drivers of Violent Extremism for 2017-2020 articulates its priorities and sets out its vision for peaceful and inclusive communities that are resilient to violent extremism and achieve sustainable development. In order to execute the overarching vision of the Strategy, GCERF now requires an implementation plan and a set of performance indicators. Itad has been engaged by GCERF to provide support to developing this strategic implementation plan.

An Itad team is advising on the contents of the draft plans to ensure that they are realistic and achievable, as well as adaptable enough to accommodate changes in the capacity or environment of GCERF, referring to best practice, and ensuring engagement across GCERF.

Image © Switzerland – Geneva – Le Jet d’eau. Photo Credit: Faustino Garcia.

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