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Evaluation of the Wellcome Trust’s Anti-Microbial Resistance Virtual Policy Think Tank

We are delivering an evaluation of the Virtual Policy Think Tank to ensure its strategies, systems and initial outputs are relevant and effective during the initial three-year term


The Challenge

The Wellcome Trust, one of the biggest charitable foundations in the world, has a firm commitment to helping control the escalation of infectious diseases and transforming the world’s approach towards stemming the rise and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Wellcome is looking to fund a Virtual Policy Think Tank that will serve as a bridge between AMR science and policy to accelerate the development, implementation and renewal of evidence-informed National AMR Action Plans. The Virtual AMR Policy Think Tank (PTT) will have three focused priorities:

  1. Providing rapid responses to urgent evidence requests on AMR policy, including policy advice, implementation, evaluation, ethics, and equity considerations,
  2. seeding actionable policy proposals from leading experts in the field and related areas, and
  3. leading capacity-building efforts to support policy learning and research around the world.

Our Role

Itad has been appointed as an external evaluator to work will work alongside the Think Tank’s internal M&E team bringing expertise and quality assurance to the evaluation at key milestones over three years.

Our approach

Through this evaluation, we will:

  • Provide a robust evidence base to assess the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the PTT.
  • Produce relevant and timely insights to adapt and course-correct the PTT’s activities, processes and strategy.
  • Capture and systematise learning from the PTT to inform future Wellcome initiatives.
  • Embrace the medium-to-long-term timeline for change and impact inherent in the PTT’s impact pathways by adopting:
    1. a framework that can make an early and ongoing assessment of the contribution of the Think Tank’s activities to the translation of evidence into policy, and
    2. a work plan focused on informing Wellcome’s key decision points and strengthening current and future internal M&E work, as well as to inform thinking about replication of the PTT model elsewhere.