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Evaluation of the Norwegian Aid Administration’s systems and practices to ensure Evaluability of Norwegian Grants

Itad, in partnership with Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI), provided a 4-people team with experience in designing and implementing complex and multi-disciplinary evaluations of results measurement systems


Norad’s Evaluation Department (EVAL) commissioned an evaluation to assess the Norwegian aid administration’s (i.e. the MFA, Norad and the embassies) internal processes and systems for measuring and demonstrating results of Norwegian funded interventions.

The evaluation

The evaluation focused on how and to what degree the current regulations and practices ensure evaluability of the interventions. The purpose of the evaluation was to contribute to further learning and progress in the aid administration’s follow-up of the government’s demand for a strengthened focus on results by identifying reasons for the insufficient results documentation and to provide evidence-based recommendations for improvements in this area.

Our approach

Itad, in partnership with Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI), led the evaluation of results measurement and evaluability in the Norwegian Aid system. Taking a system wide approach we analysed systems and process, capacities, leadership and incentives for results measurement. We applied a wide range of methods including:  a comprehensive review of all policies and guidance on results, process mapping to review and assess the practices of results measurement in a sample of Norwegian funded intervention; a large scale staff survey and in-depth focus group discussions to assess staff capacity and incentives; and a quality review of a sample of recently completed evaluations and reviews.

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Image: Oslo. Credit: harmishhk (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Team members