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School Health and Nutrition Portfolio Evaluation for Dubai Cares

Millions of school-age children are affected by serious, yet easily treatable and preventable, illnesses, which inhibit their ability to learn. Since 2010, Dubai Cares has funded a portfolio of 11 school health and nutrition (SHN) programmes to improve school access.


The foundation’s support ranges from stand-alone programmes focused on a singular activity such as school-based de-worming or water, sanitation and hygiene in schools to multidisciplinary programmes implemented by more complex, collaborative partnerships designed to simultaneously address a number of health and nutritional needs. 

Our approach

 Itad conducted Dubai Cares first portfolio evaluation to provide evidence and capture key lessons and recommendations to help guide the foundation’s future SHN strategy. We used a mixed-method evaluation approach to this assignment, which was utilisation-focused and theory-based and looked at three broad aspects to understand whether Dubai Cares had: 

  • taken the right approach in terms of programme design 
  • executed the right engagement through partnerships, grant management and funding 
  • achieved the right results in terms of reaching target beneficiaries, outputs and outcomes. 


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Image: Recess © Credit: Jon Wick (CC BY 2.0)

Team members
Eve Mackinnon Fergal Turner Sam McPherson