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Evaluation of a climate-smart business programme

Itad has been commissioned by the Good Energies Foundation to evaluate a multi-year programme focused on incubating climate-smart business to overcome poverty-driven deforestation.


The programme is working primarily with smallholder farmers using climate-smart agriculture approaches across four countries – Argentina, Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia. This four-year programme (2017 – 2021) is funded by the Good Energies Foundation, as well as receiving match funding from the Dutch and Norwegian governments.

Our approach

We are utilising a theory-based approach that combines programme level analysis with two in-country assessments of progress.  It will apply an approach based on contribution analysis as a systematic way to arrive at credible causal claims about the programme’s contribution to intermediate impact.

In collaboration with the programme team, we will first create a clear programme-level Theory of Change (ToC). Using this ToC and evaluation questions as an overarching framework, we will collect, code, compare and synthesise data from the portfolio analysis and country-level grantee studies to draw out evidence of results and progress, key learning and insights.


Contact James Robinson ( if you would like to discuss this project.


Image © NP climate-smart farm 25. Photo Credit: CIAT. (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Team members