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Evaluating the Global Fund’s Service Delivery Innovation Strategic Initiative

Itad is evaluating the Global Fund’s Service Delivery Innovation Strategic Initiative to build resilient and sustainable systems for health.


The Global Fund is a worldwide movement to defeat HIV, tuberculosis and malaria and ensure a healthier, safer, more equitable future for all.

The Global Fund catalytic investments support programmes, activities and strategic initiatives that complement country allocations and that are essential to achieve the aims of the Global Fund Strategy 2017-22 and global partner plans.

For 2020-22, catalytic investments include strategic initiatives that are needed to support the success of country allocations but cannot be funded through country grants. In November 2019, the Global Fund Board approved 19 workstreams under the strategic initiatives’ modality. These workstreams included the Service Delivery Innovations Strategic Initiative.

The Service Delivery Innovation Strategic Initiative (SDI SI) seeks to support better service delivery for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria through more strategic and innovative resilient and sustainable systems for health (RSSH) approaches, leading to improved health outcomes.

Our role

Itad has been contracted by the Global Fund to design and implement robust evaluations for all five components of the SDI SI:

  • South-South technical support
  • Community-led monitoring
  • Human resources for health / quality improvement
  • Laboratory system strengthening and health security
  • Private sector engagement

Our role includes data collection, analysis, report-writing and dissemination of lessons learned. We will produce :

1) Country-specific evaluation workplans with milestones and deliverables.
2) Country-specific reports (midterm and final) with results and recommendations (and shorter presentations).
3) A synthesis of results and recommendations across all five components.

Outcomes and impact

To date, midterm results from our evaluations have informed the Global Fund’s decision-making as they continue to implement the Service Delivery Innovations Strategic Initiatives. Results continue to inform the Global Fund’s planning for its NFM4 funding cycle as well as strategic decisions on future funding cycles.

Team members
Sam McPherson Lamiaa Shehata Natasha Palmer Neil Alexander PJ Chubb