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Zoe Bonnell

Research Analyst

Zoe joined Itad in September 2021 as a research analyst through our RA programme, which seeks to help give early-career individuals the tools they need for MEL consultancy in the development sector. She is currently working within the Human Development practice, working across a range of areas including sexual and reproductive health, education and anti-microbial resistance.

In her current role, Zoe has experience supporting the delivery of a variety of evaluations and working with a diverse range of clients. In her role as a research analyst, she also supports the development of project deliverables , assists team coordination and provides a wide range of administrative support.

Prior to joining Itad, Zoe studied at the University of Sussex where she completed a BA in International Development. Her dissertation focused on assessing the relationship between the State, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Sexual/Human rights, comparing the UK and Ghanaian contexts.

Zoe also has experience working in Ghana with small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Zoe’s research interests cover Gender, SRH and disability inclusion in development, with a focus on the African context.