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Shriya Samani

Research Analyst

Shriya Samani joined Itad in June 2022 as a research analyst through our RA programme. The programme seeks to help give early-career individuals with the tools they need for MEL consultancy in the development sector and provides an all-round experience within the various practices within Itad.

Shriya is currently working within the Human Development practice, focusing on vaccine equity with the formative review and baseline study of COVAX Facility and AMC and urban reproductive health with TCI. She is particularly interested in women and girls’ rights, along with migration and humanitarian assistance.

She has experience in the legal sector with a post-graduate degree in law and has helped immigrants held in detention centres and precarious workers to gain employment rights. Shriya also completed her BSc in International Political Economy at City University London and Seoul National University. Her thesis focused on the future of women’s protection in the era of displacement and resettlement caused by climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.