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Richard Burge


Richard Burge is a Partner at Itad and co-leads our work on governance. He has over 30 years’ experience in international development and politics with expertise in democratic governance, human rights, empowerment and advocacy, anti-corruption, policy and advocacy, and gender and inclusion. He provides strategic thinking, technical advice and politically smart programming in these areas.

Richard began his career with Christian Aid in the 1990s, supporting civil society in peace, conflict and humanitarian assistance in Central and West Africa. After a stint doing freelance consultancy, he joined the UK government as a Special Advisor at the Ministry of Defence and then in a technical role in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Before joining Itad, Richard led the governance work at IPE Triple Line.

Richard has particular expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating complex, large-scale governance programmes in Africa and at a global level, introducing and measuring adaptive programming and management, conducting political economy analyses, providing capacity development and developing and testing theories of change.

Richard Burge