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Kassim Gawusu-Toure


Kassim Gawusu-Toure joined Itad in 2024 as a consultant in the Inclusive Growth and Climate Change (IGCC) practice. His area of expertise include climate change policy and regulation, coastal vulnerability assessment, adaptation planning and mitigation action across forestry, agriculture and renewable energy.

Before joining Itad, Kassim has worked extensively in the civil society space in Africa designing and implementing projects in countries including Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan to deliver both mitigation and adaptation benefits to communities at the forefront of climate threats. He has delivered research and MEL services to a wide range of clients including UN agencies, International NGOs and development foundations.

Kassim holds an MSc in Aquatic Conservation, Ecology and Restoration from the University College London (UCL) and MPhil in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from the University of Ghana (UG).